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Free and open source color schemes for the RubyMine IDE
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RubyMine colors

Free and open color schemes for RubyMine

Fork me!

Fork this repository and add your own color scheme xml files! Then, you can download the whole community of color schemes with one git pull.


Cloning this repository into your RubyMine preferences directory will allow you to get new colors as they are added by simply git pull

cd ~/Library/Preferences/RubyMine10

if you have a 'colors' directory here already, rename or delete it

git clone git:// colors

restart RubyMine and then set your color scheme by going to File -> Settings -> Editor -> Colors & Fonts, choose a color scheme from the dropdown box, and click Apply

Color Schemes


by Nate Clark


Thinmint Ruby


Thinmint erb


Thinmint JavaScript


Thinmint Yaml


Thinmint Haml

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