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An effort to provide awesome documentation for the RubyGems ecosystem.
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RubyGems Guides

An effort to provide awesome documentation for the RubyGems ecosystem.


  • Be the definitive place for RubyGems knowledge
  • Help out those new to RubyGems get started and get things done
  • Make it easy to contribute more guides

Want to help?

If a guide is empty, start filling it out! Or, make a new one! Pull requests are gladly accepted!

  • Port content from
  • Port content from
  • Port content from knowledge base
  • Find lots of StackOverflow/ruby-talk questions and get their common answers in here
  • Fill out more guides!


Make sure you have jekyll installed (gem install jekyll), and run:

$ jekyll --server

The pages will be available at http://localhost:4000/

Every guide except for the Command and Specification Reference is just a straight up markdown page, so just go edit it!

For the Command Guide (, edit command-reference.erb and run:

$ rake command_guide

For the Specification Guide, the documentation comes directly from the Gem::Specification class in RubyGems. Edit it, set your RUBYGEMS_DIR to where your code directory is, and run:

$ RUBYGEMS_DIR=~/Dev/ruby/rubygems rake spec_guide --trace


Huge thanks to thoughtbot whose handbook this is based off of.


The actual content of the articles is licensed under Creative Commons. The code that this project consists of is licensed under MIT.

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