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Hash filter plugin for Embulk

Embulk filter plugin to convert a input to hash.


  • Plugin type: filter


  • columns: Columns to hash (array, required)
    • name: Name of input column (string, required)
    • algorithm: A hash algorithm. See also (string, default:"SHA-256")
    • new_name: New column name if you want to rename (string, default: null)


  - type: hash
    - { name: username }
    - { name: email, algorithm: SHA-512, new_name: hashed_email }

Hash Algorithm

This plugin uses MessageDigest for hashing. Every implementation of the Java platform supports the following MessageDigest algorithms:

  • MD5
  • SHA-1
  • SHA-256

If you want to know all algorithms that your platform supports, run the following snippet.

for (String algorithm :"MessageDigest")) {


$ ./gradlew gem  # -t to watch change of files and rebuild continuously