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mxisd - Federated Matrix Identity Server

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This project is no longer maintained as a standalone product and is currently being merged in Gridify Server.
See the End of Life notice for more details.


mxisd is a Federated Matrix Identity server for self-hosted Matrix infrastructures with enhanced features. As an enhanced Identity service, it implements the Identity service API and several extra features that greatly enhance user experience within Matrix. It is the one stop shop for anything regarding Authentication, Directory and Identity management in Matrix built in a single coherent product.

mxisd is specifically designed to connect to an existing on-premise Identity store (AD/Samba/LDAP, SQL Database, Web services/app, etc.) and ease the integration of a Matrix infrastructure within an existing one.
Check our FAQ entry to know if mxisd is a good fit for you.

The core principle of mxisd is to map between Matrix IDs and 3PIDs (Third-Party IDentifiers) for the Homeserver and its users. 3PIDs can be anything that uniquely and globally identify a user, like:

  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Skype/Live ID
  • Twitter handle
  • Facebook ID

If you are unfamiliar with the Identity vocabulary and concepts in Matrix, please read this introduction.


Identity: As a regular Matrix Identity service:

  • Search for people by 3PID using its own Identity stores (Spec)
  • Invite people to rooms by 3PID using its own Identity stores, with notifications to the invitee (Email, SMS, etc.) (Spec)
  • Allow users to add/remove 3PIDs to their settings/profile via 3PID sessions (Spec)
  • Register accounts on your Homeserver with 3PIDs (Spec)

As an enhanced Identity service:

  • Federation: Use a recursive lookup mechanism when searching and inviting people by 3PID, allowing to fetch data from:
    • Own Identity store(s)
    • Federated Identity servers, if applicable to the 3PID
    • Arbitrary Identity servers
    • Central Matrix Identity servers
  • Session Control: Extensive control of where 3PIDs are transmitted so they are not leaked publicly by users
  • Registration control: Control and restrict user registration based on 3PID patterns or criterias, like a pending invite
  • Authentication: Use your Identity stores to perform authentication in synapse via the REST password provider
  • Directory search which allows you to search for users within your organisation, even without prior contact within Matrix using arbitrary search terms
  • Auto-fill of user profile (Display name, 3PIDs)
  • Bridge Integration: Automatically bridge users without a published Matrix ID

Use cases

  • Use your existing Identity stores, do not duplicate your users information
  • Auto-fill user profiles with relevant information
  • As an organisation, stay in control of your data so it is not published to other servers by default where they currently cannot be removed
  • Users can directly find each other using whatever attribute is relevant within your Identity store
  • Federate your Identity server so you can discover others and/or others can discover you

Also, check our FAQ entry to know if mxisd is a good fit for you.

Getting started

See the dedicated document



A basic troubleshooting guide is available here.

Powered by mxisd

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See the dedicated document


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