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End of Life notice

This project will be merged with Gridepo, a dual-stack Grid/Matrix server supporting several APIs.

mxisd was originally created to help safeguard privacy in Matrix, and act as a reference for self-hosted infrastructures that required a certain level of compliance, mainly for EU GDPR.

Matrix 1.0 has been released which sets a milestone: it sets the level of what is acceptable in terms of privacy and security for the protocol and its reference implementations moving forward.
With the help of the community, we wrote a research paper to highlight the current state of privacy: Notes on privacy and data collection of

We believe the purpose of the mxisd project has now been accomplished - offering an alternative and raising awareness - and we do not see any value going forward with it anymore:

  • The place of Identity servers in the stack has always been misunderstood and Identity servers are still considered optional. also recommends to not self-host them, or even to not use them.
  • The extent of the privacy leaks in our research paper shows that mxisd cannot significantly make a difference, and most likely will not in the future.
  • The team does not share the same views on Privacy and GDPR, and has never taken significant interest into the project or our contributions to the Identity Server specification.
  • The recent change of direction to no longer rely on Identity servers for key behaviours (e.g. password resets) means this project will not maintain its value in the long term.

Commercial support is still available for bug and security fixes. See our website for contact information.

See you in The Grid for the next privacy-focused protocol!

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