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@maxidorius maxidorius released this Oct 20, 2018 · 136 commits to master since this release

New Identity Store - Feedback requested


For those of you who like to live a bit on the edge, we are currently working on a new exciting Identity store based on arbitrary commands/executables you can run to perform the various operations in each feature.

This will allow to plug virtually anything with mxisd to perform the various lookups, checks, etc. without requiring yet another specific Identity store, or to allow you to implement your own logic if the current implementation of an Identity store doesn't suit your need. This is to be considered the ultimate Identity store when completed.

This will be part of the v1.2.0 release but is still work in progress and currently only the Authentication feature is supported. Not all options are available but we would be extremely thankful for feedback, so we can implement the right things from the start.

We are especially interested about the format(s) you would like to be supported when writing to Standard Input for data/arguments or reading from Standard Ouput/Error for data to be processed.
We are currently following the REST Identity store JSON format, but we would like to also support something more "barebone" (basic multilines? CSV? something else?)

If you plan on actually using this feature, please give it a go already while we work on the remaining parts and complete the documentation. The current state of things should allow you to get started. In case of doubt, please ping. Ideally, please report feedback in a structured manner on #58 directly, or in the project's Matrix room.

This is the only change since beta.2


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