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This release is breaking backward compatibility from any previous version to improve performance, reduce resource usage and prepare for new exciting features!
Upgrade notes with detailed instructions are available here: Link

Thanks to this port, we see some (very) good improvements:

  • ~16 MB size reduction in the binaries, and distribution files
  • a 50 to 75% RAM usage reduction
  • a 75% reduction in start time using systemd
  • a 10 to 25% reduction in request time on average across endpoints

This release is marked as alpha for two reasons:

  • Work in still in progress in terms of new features/changes planned for v1.3.0
  • There are definitely bugs, no guarantee for alpha releases to be stable

If you are building on top of mxisd, definitely give this a try and let us know if everything still works for you.
If you are simply using mxisd, we would love your feedback already to catch as many regressions as possible!

REMINDER: If you report issues/suggestions about alpha/beta, be sure to always state the version at the start of your message.


Platform Type Command/Link
All Executable Download
Debian Package Download
Docker Image docker pull kamax/mxisd:1.3.0-alpha.1 (Repo)