A presentation tool that lets you create slides from a text file written in Markdown
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Briefing is a presentation tool that lets you create slides from a text file written in Markdown.

By executing briefing command and specifying a text file, you can show it as a beautiful slides in your web browser.


  • Easy to describe contents in slides by using Markdown
  • Produces beautiful HTML5-based slides powered by reveal.js


Install Ruby and RubyGems on ahead, then execute:

$ sudo gem install briefing


$ briefing slides.md

Open http://localhost:4567/ in your web browser.


  • Each slide is written in Markdown syntax.
  • Slides are separated by 3 or more hyphens (---).
  • You can customize the appearance and controls of the slides by specifying settings before the first slide. See below.


title      : Slide Title Here
author     : Keisuke Kambara
theme      : beige
transition : concave
controls   : true

# Slide Title
### Keisuke Kambara

## Second Slide

## Third Slide
- list item1
- list item2


title        : Slide Title
author       : Your Name
theme        : [default|beige|night|serif|simple|sky]
transition   : [default|cube|page|concave|zoom|linear|none]
controls     : false
progress     : true
history      : true
keyboard     : true
overview     : true
center       : true
loop         : false
rtl          : false
autoSlide    : 0
mouseWheel   : false
rollingLinks : false
style: |
  .reveal img {
    max-height: 80%;
  .reveal h1, .reveal h2, .reveal h3, .reveal h4, .reveal h5, .reveal h6 {
    text-transform: none;
    font-family: sans-serif;
    font-weight: bold;

Manually Build and Install (For Developers)

$ git clone git@github.com:kambara/briefing.git
$ cd briefing

If you use RVM, create .rvmrc:

$ rvm --rvmrc --create ruby-1.9.3@briefing

$ bundle install
$ rake build
$ rake install


MIT license