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πŸš€ Capsule Wallet - The bridge of your Dapps to Blockchain.
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Capsule Wallet is a blockchain bridge help you to power your Dapp. Capsule wallet is based on Kambria Wallet's core with the high security and the transparency as a React component to quick develop as well.

Capsule Wallet is a community software and you can feel free to use it as well as contribute it.

How to use?


npm install --save capsule-wallet


Basic use:

Capsule Wallet component has 3 props:

  • visible: takes boolean value to toogle the process.
  • options: includes networkId, restrictedNetwork and pageRefreshing.
    • networkId: Ethereum network id (Network id detail). Default: 1.
    • restrictedNetwork: Allow or not changing network when operating (Mostly for Metamask, in case of false, if you change the network, it would not release any error). Default: true.
    • pageRefreshing: Support or not Page-Refreshing (if true, your account will be kept at the end of session even though window refreshing). Default: false.
  • done: callback function that returns the provider when register had done.
import Wallet from 'capsule-wallet';

// ... Something React here

render() {
  <Wallet visible={visible} options={options} done={callback} />

Returned provider will be assigned in window.capsuleWallet.provider as a global variable for your Dapp can access it anywhere.


import React, { Component } from 'react';
import Wallet from 'capsule-wallet';

class Example extends Component {
  constructor() {
    this.state = {
      visible: false,
      options: {
        networkId: 4,
        restrictedNetwork: true,
        pageRefreshing: true

    this.register = this.register.bind(this);
    this.done = this.done.bind(this);

  register() {
    this.setState({ visible: true });

  done(er, provider) {
    if (er) return console.error(er);
    if(!provider) return console.error('User skipped to connect to the wallet');

    console.log('Web3:', provider.web3);
    console.log('Also web3:', window.capsuleWallet.provider.web3);

  render() {
    return (
        <button onClick={this.register}>Register</button>
        <Wallet visible={this.state.visible} options={this.state.options} done={this.done} />

export default Example;

How to test?

Unit test

Not yet

Tool test

npm start

The app will be run on port 3000 with https and support hot-loading. (If the browser asks something, please trust it and process straight forward)


Version of important dependencies

Because we're using capsule-core-js which based on web3@^0.20.7, so we are.

"web3": "^0.20.7"


# Commands Descriptions
1 npm install Install module packages
2 npm run build Build libraries in production
3 npm start Run tool test
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