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Installation procedure - preparation of the tree
KAME project
$Id: INSTALL,v 1.6 1999/09/21 07:16:54 itojun Exp $
KAME build tree shares part of the tree among operating system
platforms. "kame" directory is shared among "netbsd", "freebsd2",
and other platforms. You'll first need to make a complete tree from
distributed tree.
NOTE: On some platforms it is possible to perform "make obj" before the
build. However, it is not recommended as it will cause trouble with
anoncvs operation. For example, "make update" target in the top-level
Makefile will become unusable. Do not perform "make obj" unless you are
ready to tackle those troubles.
0. If you have installed KAME kit in the past, you may need to remove
files under /usr/local/v6 to avoid conflicts or misuse of old file during
build process. We recommend you to remove the following, at least:
1. Identify your target operating system, by looking at document named
"VERSION". Suppose the target is "netbsd".
2. Be sure to have complete tree under your target directory ("netbsd").
In some cases you'll need to bring in vanilla distribution into
subdirectories and perform "patch" operation. Consult target directory-
dependent document for details.
3. Invoke the following:
% make TARGET=netbsd prepare
This will create necessary symbolic links for the build (from TARGET
tree to "kame" tree).
NOTE: You'll need perl interpreter for invoking this.
4. Some part of the tree will be compiled, only if there are certain libraries
installed beforehand:
If There is SSLeay or OpenSSL installed beforehand,
tcpdump will let you look inside IPsec packet (-E option).
Compiles only if SSLeay or OpenSSL is installed beforehand.
Please install those libraries before building KAME tree.
If you are using {Net,Free,Open}BSD, ports/packages may help you build
and install them.
5. Go down to the target operating system you have specified, and read
document named "INSTALL". Good luck!
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