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$KAME: CHANGELOG,v 1.2398 2003/05/20 11:57:15 suz Exp $
Tue May 20 19:44:50 JST 2003
* freebsd[45]/sys/netinet6/udp6_usrreq.c,
* {netbsd,openbsd}/sys/netinet/udp_usrreq.c: fixed a bug that UDP
packet cannot be received if it's bound for linklocal multicast.
(introduced in Apr 28)
Mon May 19 18:47:38 JST 2003
* kame/kame/rtadvd/advcap.c,config.c,dump.c,rtadvd.[hc]
implemented the rapid router advertisement which is defined in the
mobile ipv6 spec.
2003-05-15 JINMEI, Tatuya <>
* freebsd4/sys/net/if.c (if_detach): be sure to reset the
ifindex2ifnet[] entry for the detached interface.
Fri May 9 14:19:07 JST 2003
* kame/pim6[sd]d: moved the default location of the configuration file
from /usr/local/v6/etc/... to /etc/..., for the convenience of
ports/pkgsrc maintenance.
People using pim6[sd]d MUST move their pim6[sd]d configuration file
to /etc.
Fri May 9 13:09:00 JST 2003
* kame/pim6sd/cfparse.y: fixed a bug that cand_bsr or cand_rp
configuration is regarded as a syntax error (introduced by
my patch on Apr 30)
Pointed out by: SHIBATA Takeshi
* kame/pim6sd/pim6_proto.c: stopped BSR message advertisement
to the incoming interface for the time being (introduced on Apr 30)
2003-05-08 JINMEI, Tatuya <>
* kame/sys/netinet6/nd6_rtr.c (nd6_rtmsg): corrected the pointer
value for RTAX_IFP.
Pointed out by: KIU Shueng Chuan
Thu May 1 15:53:10 JST 2003
* openbsd: switch to 3.3. note that we now use openbsd/sys/altq,
not kame/sys/altq (via symlinks), since ALTQ is integrated into
OpenBSD PF. therefore, before you upgrade, you'd need to cleanup
the symbolic links by
% /bin/rm -fr kame openbsd/sys/altq
also we no longer build some of ALTQ tools.
Wed Apr 30 14:08:18 JST 2003
* kame/pim6sd/{cfparse.y cftoken.l pim6_proto.c, pim6sd.conf.5,
rp.[ch] timer.h}: implemented static group-to-RP mapping
* kame/pim6sd/{rp.c, pim6_proto.c}: sync with draft-ietf-pim-sm-bsr-03.txt
- BSR message's Randomized Override Interval
- BSR message is advertised to the incoming interface, too
Mon Apr 28 14:46:47 JST 2003
* kame/sys/netinet/in_msf.h, kame/sys/netinet6/{in6.c, in6_ifattach.c,
ip6_input.c , ip6_output.c, mld6.c, nd6.c}
- answers to MLD query for link-local multicast group address.
(stopped embedding the ifindex of group address in struct in6_multi)
Reported by: Kentaro Ohara <>
( #3055)
Wed Apr 23 18:22:53 JST 2003
* mip6 related part restructuring.
codes are divided into three parts based on node types.
a user can build CN only, MN only and HA only kernel now.
Wed Apr 23 01:24:32 JST 2003
* netbsd: use 1.6.1
Mon Apr 21 16:39:26 JST 2003
* sctp patch 8 from randall
1) Problem with source address selection for v6
found by Itojun when sending to ::1
2) Security upgrade to report addresses in three
also includes fixes to HB un-confirmed address
more rapidly. The idea behind this is to
keep folks from specifying addresses that are
not theres to do a "masqurade". This fix is
a result of discussions with Steve Bellovin.
3) Same issue, #2 but also added in is when a
user sends to an address, if the address is
un-cofirmed we treat it just like a MSG_OVERIDE
so we will send to the address the user thinks
OR we get an abort from the peer if the association
that had the address was really masqurading.
4) Minor formatting problems to match BSD style
5) Implementors Guide update. We had failed to
send a INIT-ACK back to the same place we sent
the INIT to when we had a collision scenario.
Missed this issue in putting all the IG in
the code. This comes as a result of the LONG
discussion with B B on the sctp-impl list.
6) Michael Tuexen found that user caused abort
when the user did a SO_LINGER = 0 and a close
has incorrect lengths in the TLV. This was
through ANY code that did a optional param
on the ABORT.. the m_len's were not properly
7) When sending to a loopback in V6 we listed
all Link Locals... but none of these are
really sendable since the peer (on our
host) has no scope. Found while investaging
Itojuns ::1 send issue. Now we will never
list link-local address so the only way
they can show up is as a source address.
8) Include file and various other issues reported
by kame. We kill off the sysctrls that somehow
historically got in and are not used. Only ones
now are the ASCONF, RECV Buf default and Snd
buf default.
9) Will now send up to max-bursts hb's to unconfirmed
addresses and we use only the RTO for HB setting
when we are in a unconfirmed mode.. aka not
all addresses have HB'd yet.
10) Fixes to better recognize the various ICMP's during
initial INIT sending. If the assoc is up we better
recognize unreachable host messages too (reported
by kame-core group).
2003-04-17 JINMEI, Tatuya <>
* kame/kame/libinet6/getaddrinfo.c (getaddrinfo): when AI_PASSIVE
is specified, put non-SCTP protocols before SCTP not to break
buggy-but-deployed applications.
2003-04-17 JINMEI, Tatuya <>
* kame/kame/libinet6/getaddrinfo.c (getaddrinfo): corrected the
initial check for socktype/protocol combination of hints.
the previous code could reject {AF_INET6, SOCK_STREAM,
IPPROTO_TCP} when we had IPPROTO_SCTP before TCP in the explore
2003-04-16 JINMEI, Tatuya <>
* freebsd4/ports/openssh-portable-sctp: added a port kit to
support other stream protocols than TCP (mainly intending SCTP) in
OpenSSH 3.6.1p1.
2003-04-11 JINMEI, Tatuya <>
* kame/kame/rtsold/rtsold.c (main): corrected over-killing
pid-file generation.
2003-04-11 JINMEI, Tatuya <>
* kame/kame/dhcp6/dhcp6c: added the -p pid-file option.
2003-04-11 JINMEI, Tatuya <>
* kame/kame/rtsold/if.c (interface_status): considered IEEE 802.11
interfaces correctly.
2003-04-11 MOMOSE Tsuyoshi <>
* kame/kame/had: a part of handling MPA is divided to another
file. Current handling MPA code prevents to port 'had' to
other MIP6 implementations due to accessing kernel internal
2003-04-11 JINMEI, Tatuya <>
* kame/kame/rtsold: added the "O-bit" support. When rtsold
receives a router advertisement with the OtherConfig flag being
set, it will invoke a script file (if specified by the -O option)
to kick a separate protocol for the "other" configuration.
2003-04-11 JINMEI, Tatuya <>
* kame/kame/dhcp6: supported the ability for the client to call a
configuration script when the client receives a reply message. A
new configuration statement to specify the script was provided.
2003-04-10 JINMEI, Tatuya <>
* kame/kame/rtadvd/config.c (getconfig): supported a string
notation for flag parameters. For example, raflags="o" specifies
the daemon to set the "O bit" of the router advertisement header.
This change is backward compatible; the traditional numeric
notation is also accepted.
Wed Apr 9 17:19:41 JST 2003
* kame/freebsd4: sync with FreeBSD 4.8-RELEASE
Wed Apr 2 20:29:23 JST 2003
* kame/kame/mld6query: always advertise group-specific query from
link-local address
Mon Mar 31 11:19:31 JST 2003
* kame/sys/netinet6/mip6.c,mip6_var.h,nd6_rtr.c:
fixed a bug in a update routine of mip6 related data structure
(prefix list and home agent list) when receiving a router
2003-03-28 JINMEI, Tatuya <>
* kame/kame/libinet6/name6.c: upgraded the support of ICMPv6
nodeinfo for address to name mapping to recent versions of the
Note that:
- this version sends queries to non-link-local addresses
- this version does not cache the results
Fri Mar 28 17:18:29 JST 2003
* freebsd5/sys/conf/file, kame/sys/netinet6/mip6*, mobility6.c:
makes MIP6 compilable on freebsd5
Fri Mar 28 14:27:07 JST 2003
* freebsd5/sys/sys/kernel.h, freebsd5/sys/net/if_var.h,
kame/sys/net/if_{dummy,faith,gif,stf}.c: KAME-origined
logical-interfaces(gif, dummy, faith, and stf for the time being)
are now working on freebsd5.
Wed Mar 26 19:43:16 JST 2003
* freebsd[45]/sys/conf/options:
supported LARGE_LOMTU kernel configuration option for
Jumbogram testing.
Tue Mar 25 19:07:53 JST 2003
* kame/sys/netinet6/in6_msf.c
fixed a bug that MSF does not work properly when changing its mode
by advanced API.
* kame/sys/netinet/in_msf.c
When the gap in the IPv4 multicast membership array is removed,
multicast-socket-filter must be removed as well as multicast
membership array. (specific to IGMPv3 extension)
Reported by: Hitoshi Asaeda <>
2003-03-22 JINMEI, Tatuya <>
* kame/sys/netinet6/nd6_rtr.c (prelist_update): made sure to keep
the current stored lifetime when it was not updated by an RA.
Discovered through a periodic TAHI test by Ozoe Nobumichi
2003-03-19 Hideki ONO <>
* kame/kame/vrrp6d,
openbsd/sbin/ifconfig, openbsd/sys/net/{if_ethersubr.c,if_types.h},
VRRP6 implementation for OpenBSD
Wed Mar 19 17:17:55 JST 2003
* kame/sys/netinet6/icmp6.c
fixed a mbuf leak when generating an ICMPv6 redirect message.
2003-03-14 JINMEI, Tatuya <>
* kame/kame/dhcp6: C99 compliance; avoid using __func__ with
concatenating other strings since it is a const char variable.
2003-03-13 JINMEI, Tatuya <>
* kame/kame/rafixd: this is a new application. The rafixd daemon
invalidates bogus RAs by overriding them with the 0 router
lifetime. This is particularly useful on an event network that
contains mis-configured "routers".
Mon Mar 10 15:02:05 JST 2003
* sctp: merged patch 7 from randall.
2003-03-06 JINMEI, Tatuya <>
* kame/kame/dhcp6/dhcp6c.c (client6_send): made sure that the
elapsed time does not overflow, according to dhcpv6-interop-00.
Tue Feb 25 19:50:40 JST 2003
* freebsd{4,5}/sys/netinet/tcp_syncache.c
reflected FreeBSD-SA-03:03.syncookies (Brute force attack on SYN
2003-02-19 Hideki ONO <>
* kame/kame/vrrp6d,
netbsd/sbin/ifconfig, netbsd/sys/net/{if_ethersubr.c,if_types.h},
VRRP6 implementation for NetBSD
* freebsd4/sbin/ifconfig, freebsd4/sys/net/{if_ethersubr.c,if_types.h},
changed VRRP6 implementation for FreeBSD4
Wed Feb 19 17:26:11 JST 2003
more mtag leaks are fidex. M_MOVE_PKTHDR is introduced to
NetBSD (ported from OpenBSD).
TODO: KAME/freebsd5
Wed Feb 19 12:15:00 JST 2003
* kame/sys/netkey/key.c
MIP6: flush a cached route of a SA when the destaddr of the SA
has been changed.
2003-02-18 JINMEI, Tatuya <>
* freebsd4/sys/sys/mbuf.h (M_MOVE_PKTHDR): ported from OpenBSD to
"move" mtag from one mbuf to another.
* kame/sys/netinet6/{icmp6.c, ip6_output, ipsec.c}: used
M_MOVE_PKTHDR instead of M_COPY_PKTHDR when appropriate, in order
to avoid mtag leakage.
(We may need to change more, including support for other OSes)
Tue Feb 18 20:43:42 JST 2003
* {freebsd4,netbsd,openbsd}/sys/netinet/udp_usrreq.c
properly handles IPv4 UDP packet for IPv4 broadcast address
(only for IGMPv3 kernel)
Tue Feb 18 12:19:53 JST 2003
* {freebsd4,freebsd5,netbsd,openbsd}/sys/netinet/udp_usrreq.c
fixed an IGMPv3 or MLDv2 kernel crash by a UDP multicast packet to
addr:port, when some application joins to the addr and another
application listens to the UDP port by unicast.
Reported by: Hitoshi Asaeda <>
2003-02-14 MOMOSE Tsuyoshi <>
* kame/kame/sys/netinet6/{mobility6.c,mip6_pktproc.c},
- Changed some codes to be MIP6 ID-20 compliant.
+ Binding Auth. Option no longer require alignments
+ Changed Binding Refresh Advice option type
+ Send Parameter Problem if received mobility header is too small
or it's next header value is not no next header.
Thu Feb 13 18:37:58 JST 2003
* kame/kame/ifmcstat: ifmcstat works on freebsd5 now
2003-02-12 MOMOSE Tsuyoshi <>
* kame/sys/netinet6/{mip6.c,mip6_pktproc.c,mip6_var.h}: Only Home
nonce is used for calculation Kbm when a binding update message
tells to delete a binding cache.(HoA==CoA || lifetime==0)
One of Known bugs in is fixed.
Wed Feb 12 19:09:04 JST 2003
* kame/kame/pim6sd: fixed a pim6sd crash by SIGHUP
2003-02-10 JINMEI, Tatuya <>
* kame/kame/dhcp6/dhcp6c_ia.c (reestablish_ia): prevented the
client from crashing when receiving a NoBinding code in response
to a Rebind.
Reported by: Ozoe Nobumichi <>
Mon 10 Feb 2002 14:11:46 JST
* freebsd5/sys/netinet6/in6_pcb.c: getsockname()/getpeername()
now returns proper port number for IPv6 socket.
(this makes rpcbind work properly on freebsd5)
2003/02/09 03:33:58 JST
merge altq support into the freebsd5 tree.
the original code was made for 5.0-dp1 and it hasn't been fully
tested on 5.0 yet.
2003-02-07 JINMEI, Tatuya <>
* kame/kame/dhcp6/dhcp6c: obsoleted 'prefix-delegation' as a
DHCPv6 option name.
2003-02-07 JINMEI, Tatuya <>
* kame/sys/netinet6/ip6_input.c (ip6_getpktaddrs): changed the 2nd
and the 3rd arguments from 'sockaddr_in6 **' to 'sockaddr_in6 *'.
The change will avoid sharing pointer in an mbuf with the caller
of the function, and will be considered as less error-prone.
* {*bsd, kame}/sys/netinet[6]/: all the points that called
ip6_getpktaddrs() were modified accordingly. There should be no
change on behavior, but we may need some time to stabilize the
Fri Feb 7 19:40:36 JST 2003
* kame/kame/pim6sd/{main.c, route_sock.h}: fixed file descriptor
leak by SIGHUP (reported by SUDOH Yoshiaki <>)
Fri Feb 7 19:17:12 JST 2003
* freebsd5/*, kame/*: KAME for FreeBSD 5-RELEASE. (not supported
officially yet, as the merge work is not completely finished)
2003-02-06 JINMEI, Tatuya <>
* kame/kame/dhcp6: the client now sends a Request to reestablish
an IA when receiving a NoBinding for the IA in response to a Renew
or Rebind. The behavior is compliant to Section 18.1.8 of
Thu Feb 6 01:36:12 JST 2003
* kame/kame/pim6sd/vif.c: fixed pim6sd crash by SIGHUP
(reported by SUDOH Yoshiaki <>)
Wed Feb 5 20:25:32 JST 2003
* kame/sys/netinet/icmp6.h,ip6.h
* kame/sys/netinet6/mip6_binding.c,mip6_pktproc.c
* kame/kame/mip6control/mip6control.c
- support for the MIP6 ID20 draft has been added.
2003-02-05 JINMEI, Tatuya <>
* {freebsd4,kame}/sys/netinet6/udp6_usrreq.c (udp6_input)
* {freebsd4,kame}/sys/netinet6/raw_ip6.c (rip6_input)
removed redundant code fragments; we do not have to copy mtag back
to the source any more.
(There should be no change on behavior.)
Wed Feb 5 10:31:48 JST 2003
* kame/sys/netinet6/ip6_forward.c,ip6_output.c
* freebsd4/sys/sys/mbuf.h
- changed m_copy() behavior of freebsd4. m_copy() now copies
2003-02-04 JINMEI, Tatuya <>
* kame/kame/dhcp6/dhcp6c.c (client6_timo): changed the upper bound
of retransmissions according to Section 14 of dhcpv6-28, so that
the total number of transmissions (including the first one) is
limited up to MRC.
pointed out by: Ozoe Nobumichi <>
Mon Feb 3 18:53:50 JST 2003
* kame/sys/netinet6/{mip6_binding.c|ipsec.c}
* kame/sys/netkey/key.[hc]
- added partial support for the mip6-ha-ipsec draft.
define MIP6_HAIPSEC macro in your kernel config file to
enable optimized tunneling format.
Fri Jan 31 21:28:08 JST 2003
* kame/kame/mip6control:
- the file format for has been changed.
Thu Jan 30 15:52:05 JST 2003
* kame/kame/pim6sd/mld6_proto.c:
fixed a bug that MLD-compat-mode never switches back to MLDv2
from MLDv1-compatible mode.
Thu Jan 30 13:04:25 JST 2003
* kame/kame/pim6sd/{rp.c, cfparse.y}:
fixed a bug that "cand_bsr/cand_rp (ifname)" does not work.
(reported by Pekka Savola in snap-users ML #7516)
2003-01-29 MOMOSE Tsuyoshi <>
* kame/kame/sys/netinet6/mip6.c, mip6_var.h, mip6_pktpro.c:
supports returning binding ack. status of expired nonce index when
the nonces indicated in a binding update are already expired.
2003-01-27 JINMEI, Tatuya <>
* kame/kame/dhcp6: added some minor bug fixes and clarifications:
- let the event structure to have IA for solicit and request so
that it is easier to handle each IA separately
- fixed a bug that the server ID was not copied to request when
receiving an advertisement with the highest preference
- fixed a bug of moving tailq list entries. Introduced a new
library dhcp6_move_list() to address this problem.
Thu Jan 23 18:09:14 JST 2003
* kame/sys/netinet6/ip6_output.c:
leave mtags in the original mbuf when copying the mbuf in
ip6_mloopback(). the aux information stored in the mtags
may be needed in the later process of the output routine.
Thu Jan 23 14:37:46 JST 2003
* sys/net/if_gif.c: detect encapsulation loop by using m_tag,
just like openbsd-current does.
2003-01-23 JINMEI, Tatuya <>
* kame/kame/dhcp6: supported a new substatement "prefix" for the
id-assoc statement, which allows the client to require a
particular prefix(es) as a subotion of the IA_PD option in Solicit
2003-01-23 JINMEI, Tatuya <>
* kame/kame/dhcp6/dhcp6s.c (make_binding_ia): used local values
for the pltime and vltime of a prefix to be renewed/rebound, not
values in the renew/rebind message.
Thu Jan 23 09:26:35 JST 2003
* kame/kame/pim6sd:
- fixed MLD query advertisement failure
- displayes MLD group management info in dump
2003-01-22 JINMEI, Tatuya <>
* kame/kame/dhcp6: supported the elapsed time DHCPv6 option:
- the client now includes the option for all messages.
- the server logs the received option, though it does not care
about the option value.
2003-01-21 JINMEI, Tatuya <>
* kame/kame/dhcp6: supported the Release message:
- client now releases stateful resources before exiting or restarting
by sending the message.
- server now accepts the message and releases the corresponding
Tue Jan 21 17:02:57 JST 2003
* sys/mbuf.h: switch from m_aux framework to m_tag framework (from
openbsd) for tagging extra information to mbuf chain.
TODO: bsdi4
2003-01-20 JINMEI, Tatuya <>
* kame/kame/ndp/ndp.c (ifinfo): printed the max MTU for ndp -i IFNAME.
2003-01-20 JINMEI, Tatuya <>
* kame/sys/netinet6/(several files): clarified library interfaces
for prefix manipulation. There was no change on behavior.
Mon Jan 20
* kame/sys/netinet6/mip6_pktproc.c
fixed a bug that the correpondent node doesn't send back a
binding ack even when the ACK bit is on.
reported by Yukiyo Akisada <>.
Fri Jan 17 20:53:58 JST 2003
* kame/sys/netinet6/mip6_pktproc.c:
more sanity checks. a home test init and a care-of test init
must not contain a home address destination option.
reported by Yukiyo Akisada <>.
Fri Jan 17 19:28:45 JST 2003
* kame/sys/netinet6/mip6_binding.c:
fixed a bug that sending with an invalid lifetime from a home
agent when unregistering.
reported by Yukiyo Akisada <>.
Fri Jan 17 19:18:44 JST 2003
* kame/sys/netinet/icmp6.h:
corrected the dhaad reply format.
reported by Yukiyo Akisada <>.
Fri Jan 17 18:08:00 JST 2003
* kame/sys/netinet6/ip6_input.c:
When listening to a source-specific-multicast group, receives
IPv6 packets (e.g. ICMPv6 ECHO) as well as IPv6 UDP packets
if source and group are matched.
Fri Jan 17 12:17:39 JST 2003
* kame/sys/net/if_stf.c, kame/kame/rtsold/rtsold.{c,8}
rtsold now periodically solicites RA on ISATAP interface.
Sat Jan 11 16:25:06 JST 2003
* bsdi4/sys/conf/files, bsdi4/sys/sys/sockio.h, bsdi4/sbin/ifconfig:
ISATAP implementation for bsdi4 (just confirmed compilation)
Fri Jan 10 17:27:10 JST 2003
* kame/sys/net/if_*.c:
fixed a bug that some interfaces cannot be manipulated under
Thu Jan 9 20:10:24 JST 2003
* {netbsd,openbsd}/sys/conf/files, {netbsd,openbsd}/sys/sys/sockio.h,
{netbsd,openbsd}/sbin/ifconfig, kame/sys/net/if_stf.c:
ISATAP implementation for NetBSD/OpenBSD.
Wed Jan 8 14:33:42 JST 2003
* kame/kame/man/man4/stf.4, kame/sys/net/if_stf.[ch],
kame/sys/netinet6/in6.h, in6_ifattach.c, ip6_input.c,
freebsd4/sys/sys/sockio.h, freebsd4/sys/net/if.h:
ISATAP kernel implementation based on
draft-ietf-ngtrans-isatap-08.txt for FreeBSD-4.
* kame/kame/rtadvd, kame/kame/rtsold, freebsd4/sbin/ifconfig
ISATAP userland implementation based on
draft-ietf-ngtrans-isatap-08.txt for FreeBSD-4.
please see "man stf" for further detail.
Wed Jan 8 14:26:17 JST 2003
* sys/netkey/keydb.h: in struct secashead, "struct route" is not
sufficient if !NEW_STRUCT_ROUTE. NetBSD PR 18751.
2003-01-06 JINMEI, Tatuya <>
* kame/kame/dhcp6: upgraded base specification of DHCPv6 and prefix
delegation using DHCPv6 according to the latest drafts.
Note that backward compatibility to older versions of prefix
delegation was not provided.
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