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CHANGELOG for KAME kit, 1996
$KAME: CHANGELOG.1996,v 1.2 2000/07/26 08:09:55 itojun Exp $
<19961225> WIDE internal release
* Source selection.
Best address out of the same scope.
* Interface selection.
Interface ID encoding to link-local addresses.
* Flagments and reassemble.
* TCP fatal bug fix.
* GIF bug fixes.
* Automatic link-local address setup.
* RA handling(default route and prefix).
* Strict pakect filtering in ipv6_{input, forwarding, output}.
* API catch up (no more HDRINCL).
ping6, traceroute6, rtsol.
<19960908> WIDE internal release
* Copyright notices are brushed up.
* ICMPv6 netunreach bug fix. This makes Hydrangea much more stable.
Yusaku Hasegawa <>
* udp6_usrreq.c logical case fix
Akira Kato <>
* A tiny patch for -i option of netstat6
Jun-ichiro Itoh <>
* if_dummy.c
Akira Kato <>
* in6_localaddr was deleted
Atsushi Onoe <>
* gifconfig now requires root privilege.
Kazu Yamamoto
* At booting, a message like
rtinit: wrong ifa (f0810900) was (f0810c00)
was printed. This was fixed.
The causes of this bug were the followings:
(1) ifa_ifwithaddr compares <key> and <broadaddr>.
(2) Since IPv6 doesn't have broadcast address,
ifa_broadcast is filled with zero.
(3) bcmp() returns *0* when comparing length is zero.
(4) Thus, ifa_ifwithaddr always returns not the appropriate
in6_ifaddr but the first in6_ifaddr.
There are two solutions here:
(a) Bury ifa_broadcast with link-local all node multicast address.
(b) Avoid comparing <key> and <broadaddr> when length is zero in
Currently we went to the way of (b).
Kazu Yamamoto
<19960816> WIDE internal release
* af2pf and daisy_insw are now used in only IPv4 and IPv6 semantics.
Kazu Yamamoto
* A password typo fix. Sorry.
Kazu Yamamoto
* A typo fix in net/ppp_ipv6cp.c to prevent warnings.
Kazu Yamamoto
* netstat patch for UDP6 statics.
Akira Kato <>
* TCP checksum patch.
Atsushi Onoe <>
Jun-ichiro Itoh <>
* IPv6 multicast support patch for if_gif.c.
Akira Kato <>
<19960814> WIDE internal release
* Initial release to WIDE project.