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* 16 Feb 93 Julian Elischer (
* $Id: cdio.h,v 1.19 1998/09/08 20:57:47 sos Exp $
<1> Fixed a conflict with ioctl usage. There were two different
functions using code #25. Made file formatting consistent.
Added two new ioctl codes: door closing and audio pitch playback.
Added a STEREO union called STEREO.
5-Mar-95 Frank Durda IV
<2> Added a new ioctl that allows you to find out what capabilities
a drive has and what commands it will accept. This allows a
user application to only offer controls (buttons, sliders, etc)
for functions that drive can actually do. Things it can't do
can disappear or be greyed-out (like some other system).
If the driver doesn't respond to this call, well, handle it the
way you used to do it.
2-Apr-95 Frank Durda IV
/* Shared between kernel & process */
#ifndef _SYS_CDIO_H_
#define _SYS_CDIO_H_
#ifndef KERNEL
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <sys/ioccom.h>
union msf_lba {
struct {
unsigned char unused;
unsigned char minute;
unsigned char second;
unsigned char frame;
} msf;
int lba; /* network byte order */
u_char addr[4];
struct cd_toc_entry {
u_int :8;
u_int control:4;
u_int addr_type:4;
u_char track;
u_int :8;
union msf_lba addr;
struct cd_sub_channel_header {
u_int :8;
u_char audio_status;
#define CD_AS_AUDIO_INVALID 0x00
#define CD_AS_PLAY_PAUSED 0x12
#define CD_AS_PLAY_ERROR 0x14
#define CD_AS_NO_STATUS 0x15
u_char data_len[2];
struct cd_sub_channel_position_data {
u_char data_format;
u_int control:4;
u_int addr_type:4;
u_char track_number;
u_char index_number;
union msf_lba absaddr;
union msf_lba reladdr;
struct cd_sub_channel_media_catalog {
u_char data_format;
u_int :8;
u_int :8;
u_int :8;
u_int :7;
u_int mc_valid:1;
u_char mc_number[15];
struct cd_sub_channel_track_info {
u_char data_format;
u_int :8;
u_char track_number;
u_int :8;
u_int :7;
u_int ti_valid:1;
u_char ti_number[15];
struct cd_sub_channel_info {
struct cd_sub_channel_header header;
union {
struct cd_sub_channel_position_data position;
struct cd_sub_channel_media_catalog media_catalog;
struct cd_sub_channel_track_info track_info;
} what;
* Ioctls for the CD drive *
struct ioc_play_track
u_char start_track;
u_char start_index;
u_char end_track;
u_char end_index;
#define CDIOCPLAYTRACKS _IOW('c',1,struct ioc_play_track)
struct ioc_play_blocks
int blk;
int len;
#define CDIOCPLAYBLOCKS _IOW('c',2,struct ioc_play_blocks)
struct ioc_read_subchannel {
u_char address_format;
#define CD_LBA_FORMAT 1
#define CD_MSF_FORMAT 2
u_char data_format;
#define CD_SUBQ_DATA 0
#define CD_TRACK_INFO 3
u_char track;
int data_len;
struct cd_sub_channel_info *data;
#define CDIOCREADSUBCHANNEL _IOWR('c', 3 , struct ioc_read_subchannel )
struct ioc_toc_header {
u_short len;
u_char starting_track;
u_char ending_track;
#define CDIOREADTOCHEADER _IOR('c',4,struct ioc_toc_header)
struct ioc_read_toc_entry {
u_char address_format;
u_char starting_track;
u_short data_len;
struct cd_toc_entry *data;
#define CDIOREADTOCENTRYS _IOWR('c',5,struct ioc_read_toc_entry)
struct ioc_read_toc_single_entry {
u_char address_format;
u_char track;
struct cd_toc_entry entry;
#define CDIOREADTOCENTRY _IOWR('c',6,struct ioc_read_toc_single_entry)
struct ioc_patch
u_char patch[4]; /* one for each channel */
#define CDIOCSETPATCH _IOW('c',9,struct ioc_patch)
struct ioc_vol
u_char vol[4]; /* one for each channel */
#define CDIOCGETVOL _IOR('c',10,struct ioc_vol)
#define CDIOCSETVOL _IOW('c',11,struct ioc_vol)
#define CDIOCSETMONO _IO('c',12)
#define CDIOCSETSTERIO _IO('c',13)
#define CDIOCSETSTEREO _IO('c',13)
#define CDIOCSETMUTE _IO('c',14)
#define CDIOCSETLEFT _IO('c',15)
#define CDIOCSETRIGHT _IO('c',16)
#define CDIOCSETDEBUG _IO('c',17)
#define CDIOCCLRDEBUG _IO('c',18)
#define CDIOCPAUSE _IO('c',19)
#define CDIOCRESUME _IO('c',20)
#define CDIOCRESET _IO('c',21)
#define CDIOCSTART _IO('c',22)
#define CDIOCSTOP _IO('c',23)
#define CDIOCEJECT _IO('c',24)
struct ioc_play_msf
u_char start_m;
u_char start_s;
u_char start_f;
u_char end_m;
u_char end_s;
u_char end_f;
#define CDIOCPLAYMSF _IOW('c',25,struct ioc_play_msf)
#define CDIOCALLOW _IO('c',26)
#define CDIOCPREVENT _IO('c',27)
/*<1>For drives that support it, this*/
/*<1>causes the drive to close its door*/
/*<1>and make the media (if any) ready*/
#define CDIOCCLOSE _IO('c',28) /*<1>*/
struct ioc_pitch /*<1>For drives that support it, this*/
{ /*<1>call instructs the drive to play the*/
short speed; /*<1>audio at a faster or slower-than-normal*/
}; /*<1>rate. -32767 to -1 is slower, 0==normal,*/
/*<1>and 1 to 32767 is faster. LSB bits are*/
/*<1>discarded first by drives with less res.*/
#define CDIOCPITCH _IOW('c',29,struct ioc_pitch) /*<1>*/
struct ioc_capability { /*<2>*/
u_long play_function; /*<2>*/
#define CDDOPLAYTRK 0x00000001 /*<2>Can Play tracks/index*/
#define CDDOPLAYMSF 0x00000002 /*<2>Can Play msf to msf*/
#define CDDOPLAYBLOCKS 0x00000004 /*<2>Can Play range of blocks*/
#define CDDOPAUSE 0x00000100 /*<2>Output can be paused*/
#define CDDORESUME 0x00000200 /*<2>Output can be resumed*/
#define CDDORESET 0x00000400 /*<2>Drive can be completely reset*/
#define CDDOSTART 0x00000800 /*<2>Audio can be started*/
#define CDDOSTOP 0x00001000 /*<2>Audio can be stopped*/
#define CDDOPITCH 0x00002000 /*<2>Audio pitch */
u_long routing_function; /*<2>*/
#define CDREADVOLUME 0x00000001 /*<2>Volume settings can be read*/
#define CDSETVOLUME 0x00000002 /*<2>Volume settings can be set*/
#define CDSETMONO 0x00000100 /*<2>Output can be set to mono*/
#define CDSETSTEREO 0x00000200 /*<2>Output can be set to stereo (def)*/
#define CDSETLEFT 0x00000400 /*<2>Output can be set to left only*/
#define CDSETRIGHT 0x00000800 /*<2>Output can be set to right only*/
#define CDSETMUTE 0x00001000 /*<2>Output can be muted*/
#define CDSETPATCH 0x00008000 /*<2>Direct routing control allowed*/
u_long special_function; /*<2>*/
#define CDDOEJECT 0x00000001 /*<2>The tray can be opened*/
#define CDDOCLOSE 0x00000002 /*<2>The tray can be closed*/
#define CDDOLOCK 0x00000004 /*<2>The tray can be locked*/
#define CDREADHEADER 0x00000100 /*<2>Can read Table of Contents*/
#define CDREADENTRIES 0x00000200 /*<2>Can read TOC Entries*/
#define CDREADSUBQ 0x00000200 /*<2>Can read Subchannel info*/
#define CDREADRW 0x00000400 /*<2>Can read subcodes R-W*/
#define CDHASDEBUG 0x00004000 /*<2>The tray has dynamic debugging*/
}; /*<2>*/
#define CDIOCCAPABILITY _IOR('c',30,struct ioc_capability) /*<2>*/
struct ioc_read_audio
u_char address_format;
union msf_lba address;
int nframes;
u_char* buffer;
#define CDIOCREADAUDIO _IOWR('c',31,struct ioc_read_audio)
#endif /* !_SYS_CDIO_H_ */