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/* Header for general data acquisition definitions.
#ifndef _SYS_DATAACQ_H_
#define _SYS_DATAACQ_H_
#include <sys/ioccom.h>
/* Period in microseconds between analog I/O samples.
#define AD_MICRO_PERIOD_SET _IOW('A', 1, long)
#define AD_MICRO_PERIOD_GET _IOR('A', 2, long)
/* Gain list support. Initially all gains are 1. If the board
* supports no gains at all then AD_NGAINS_GET will return a 0.
* AD_NGAINS_GET: Return the number of gains the board supports
* AD_SUPPORTED_GAINS: Get the supported gains.
* The driver will copy out "ngains" doubles,
* where "ngains" is obtained with AD_NGAINS_GET.
* AD_GAINS_SET: Set the gain list. The driver will copy in "ngains" ints.
* AD_GAINS_GET: Get the gain list. The driver will copy out "ngains" ints.
#define AD_NGAINS_GET _IOR('A', 3, int)
#define AD_NCHANS_GET _IOR('A', 4, int)
#define AD_SUPPORTED_GAINS _IO('A', 5)
#define AD_GAINS_SET _IO('A', 6)
#define AD_GAINS_GET _IO('A', 7)
#endif /* !_SYS_DATAACQ_H_ */