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CHANGELOG for KAME kit, 1997
$KAME: CHANGELOG.1997,v 1.2 2000/07/26 08:09:55 itojun Exp $
* sbin/ifconfig: prefixlen is 64 by default
* minimum mtu is now 1280 (was 576)
* ip6 header priority -> class fix
* faithtelnetd/faithtelnet improvements
* advanced-api-04: specifying hoplimit by sendmsg(), for outgoing packet
* advanced-api-04: receiving dst addr/ifindex/hoplimit by recvmsg(),
for incoming packet
* src/rtadvd: tiny bug fix.
* blowfish-cbc support
* temporary sr0 (riscom) driver fix (thanks kick&fujisaki), need more
* gif rcvif fix (thanks kick)
* hangup on two or more RA fixed (thanks demizu)
* draft-ietf-ipngwg-icmp-namelookups-01.txt support.
uses type=138 for FQDN query, type=139 for FQDN reply.
* nd6/routing table bug fix, in treatment of iface with multiple
IPv6 addresses.
* advanced-api-04: icmp6 filter
* src/setkey: conform to draft-ietf-ipsec-auth-hmac-{md5-,sha1}96-01.txt
* netnatm fixes (include AF_* into ap0 bpf) by demizu
* riscom (if_sr) fix (incomplete)
* AH *-sha1 fix
* base version is now FreeBSD 2.2.5-RELEASE. 2.2.2-RELEASE tree is
no longer maintained, basically.
* rename the name of some binary. (rshd -> rsh6d, rsh -> rsh6)
* sendmail6 port update.
* advanced-api-04: IN6_IS_ADDR_SAME -> IN6_ARE_ADDR_EQUAL
* advanced-api-04: icmp6 type/code/struct
* "goto ours" using routing table, not the loop
* GIFng
* backout daisy code from netinet6, now it looks like standard BSD code
* atm support updates (you must recompile apconfig)
* sbin/route now makes prefixlen=64 by default, for ip6 routes.
* ipv6 sppp (cisco hdlc) support. tnx goes to fujisaki@ntt.
* route6d patch (aggregate+filter) by
* kernel patch for 2.2.5-RELEASE added.
* icmp6 redirect (status: send ok, receive not stable)
* route6d improvements from kato-san
* make synchronization with bsdi version easier
* bsdi version releases (kernel only)
* less warnings on compilation - thanks demizu-san
* ssh6 port directory
* bind8 port directory
* discovery-v2-00 conformance (status: so-so, use "options INET6_NDV2")
* NA reception handling fix (to conform to discovery-06 draft)
* icmp6 echoreply fix (source address has been invalid)
* unnumbered point-to-point fix
* merged in ATM card support.
* addition: rsh6 and rshd6
* addition: ports/sendmail6
* portmap fix by ho-san
* document fix by ho-san
* "ping6 -w" fix.
* "netinet6 -in" fix.
* addition: etc/rc.net6
* addition: usr.sbin/portmap (with INET6 fix)
* document: list unsupported interfaces, comment them out in GENERIC.v6
* addition: src/v6test
* ah6/esp6 fixes
* nd6 lladdr fix (be generic, don't use fixed MAC address size)
* massive improvement in tcpdump
* route6d version up
* "ep" driver is officially supported.
* Ad hoc hack to resolve NDP timer problems.
* A patch for route6d.c.
Atsushi Onoe <>
* Goto ours if ifp->if_flags & IFF_POINTOPOINT for linklocal.
* More IPsec.
* ATM patch for commands and kernel.
Katushi Kobayashi <>
* getaddrinfo patch for ping6.
* ndp -c bug fix.
* ATM merge.
Katushi Kobayashi <>
* Eliminated IP_TOP from telnetd.
* in6_pcbnotify hack.
* 'Who Are You' support.
* ping6 hack.
* Heuristic to prevent reverse lookup for get{addr,name}info().
* while(1) in icmp6.c was removed.
* m_pullup() buges were fixed.
* ICMPv6 echo/reply hack.
* The 'crypto' directory was created.
* A bug of extension header analysis was fixed.
* IPsec commands were merged.
* IPsec on Hydrangea/FreeBSD was merged.
* New telnet/telnetd.
* A bug of imcp_error loop was fixed.
* New getaddrinfo/getnameinfo.
* ip6_hdrlen hack.
* rtadvd error check.
* See if prefixlen of RA is 64.
* if_mz support
* Type fix in comments.
ip6_mreq -> ipv6_mreq
* ifconfig patch
NAKAMURA Motonori <>
* FreeBSD patch for route6d.
* Ad-hoc solution of AF_INET6 for ftp6 and ftp6d.
* Can make without INET6.
* IPv4 support for ifmcstat.
* if_exp MC bug ad-hoc fix.
* UGH! ether_ip6multicast_{min,max} were crazy... fixed.
* nd6_nbr.c and nd6_rtr.c were also changed.
* in6_ifattach.c was changed to support aggregatable address.
* in6_maxmtu was fixed to skip lo0.
* route6d hack.
Atsushi Onoe <>
* include "gif.h" in ip_input.c.
* Many bug fixes for BSD/OS 3.0 indicated by "before_kazu".
* socket(PF_ROUTE) bug fix for route6d.
* Well-tested on june.
* A bug fix of ifconfig. A strange address never displays for gif
* gifconfig is now based on BSD/OS 3.0's ifconfig.
* libinet6 was re-written.
* Support for 'de' and 'ef'.
* Numerous bug fixes for tcpdump which muneti-s enbugs many things, sigh.
* netstat '%uq' bug fix.
* ND6 parameters are now configurable by sysctl.
* Upgrad to BSD/OS 3.0.
* Path MTU Discovery.
* Toobig handle code. But we should consider it after BSD/OS 3.0.
* MD5 include files.
* IPV6_IF_MULTICAST bug fixes.
* in6_contorol bug fix.
* md5.{c,h} uses u_int{n}_t.
* Now is able to configure without INET6.
* NGIF > 0 for ip{,6}_input.c
* ntohl() for too big messages in tcpdump.
* ICMPV6 macros conform the adv API.
* Some logging codes are added.
* ip6_mreq{} -> ipv6_mreq{} to conform the adv API.
* traceroute6 bug fix.
* route6d's buf is extended.
* IP/IP6 never use m_pullup when ressembling. IP6 reassembly comes back.
* icmpdump -> icmp6dump.
* ip6_frag_input() -> frag6_input().
* Commands use netinet/ip6.h instead netinet6/ip6.h.
* TCP based on sys210 patched 027 is now available!
* "ne" makes one internal mbuf or one or more external mbuf.
* telnet ::1 bug fix.
* UDP length bug fix.
* gethostbyname2 is deleted from commands.
* M_LOOP is defined.
* IP6_EXTHDR_CHECK is defined!!!!!
* nd6_rtr.c is now independent on Ethernet.
* tcpdump displays fragments.
* nd6_{ns, na, rtr}_input while loop bug fix.
* This version doesn't support TCP/IP6 nor "ne".
* group management bug fixes in in6_control() and in6_{add,del}multi().
* struct ip6_mreq now takes if_index.
* ip6_output handles im6r_ifindex.
* ifinit() makes ifindex2ifnet[].
* Mbuf statics in ip6_input().
* This version doesn't support TCP/IP6.
* s/ndp6/nd6/g, s/NDP6/ND6/g
* nd6_{ns,na}_{input,output} is now independent on Ethernet.
* nd6.c is also independent on Ethernet.
* in6_control() brush up.
* ifmcstat displays all groups for each interface.
* This version doesn't support TCP/IP6.
* in6_cksum()'s carry bit bug fix.
* s/v6/6/g, s/v4/4/g, s/ndp6/nd6/g.
* Create ip6_{frag, route, dest}.c and {ah,esp}.c.
* ip6_input() checks out multicast before global unicast.
* Delete many unnecessary functions and variables.
* Names of Daisy macros have been changed.
* Delete ip6snoproto from rip6_input.
* Add ip6nhhist and ip6notmember.
* Decide that ip6_input() and ip6_route_input() call ip6_forward.
* Decide that ip6_input() handles HBH.
* This version doesn't support TCP/IP6.
* in6_ifaddr now contains global addresses only.
* ipv6_input() checks IF's link-local first then global.
* if_ether6.c -> ndp6{,_nbr,_rtr}.c.
* This version doesn't support TCP/IP6.
* Caught up to the basic API 07.
* in6_cksum() calculates a pseudo header.
* ICMP/UDP/TCP depends on in6_cksum() to prepare a pseudo header.
* Now modification to packets such as ntohs() never be permitted.
* Call icmp{,6}_paramerror if Daisy_ERROR is returned.
* This version doesn't support TCP/IPv6.
* route6d can now aggregate routes.
e.g. -A 5f09:c400::/32,gif2,gif3,gif4,gif6
* m_copym() in icmpv6_error() bug fix.
* icmpv6_{error,reflect} were re-written to be elegant and stable.
* ipv6_forward() now directly calls if_output().
* netstat -nr now displays routing tables with IPv6 oriented format.
* netstat -s -p icmp6 now displays {in,out}hist.
* tcpdump can tap an IF even if it doesn't have any IPv4 addresses.
* Defined GATEWAY6, deleted IGNORERA.
* ipv6_ignorera -> ipv6_accept_rtadv. ipv6_faithon -> ipv6_keepfaith.
* RIPng ready.
* RADISH bug fixes.
* ICMP refines.
* Command bug fixes.
* sysctl stuff
* FAITH (Fairewall Aided Internet Translator for Hydrangea)
* ndp6_rs_ouput() was deleted from each PCMCIA driver. This function
goes to missd(Miss Daemon).
* Many bug fixes.
* Macro names and variable names conform the API drafts.
* RADISH bug fixes. Now RTM_DELETE surely back to routing socket.
<19970107> WIDE internal release
* Automatic link-local address to p2p link using MD5.
* RADISH porting.
* netstat, route, and ndp is now completed.
* ifname functions.
* Several bug fixes including UDP6, gif multicast, etc.
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