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Installation procedure - preparation of the tree
KAME project
$Id: INSTALL,v 1.20 2000/04/03 09:14:00 itojun Exp $
Let's call the entire file-tree under this directory "the KAME tree".
This directory contains several information files and two directories.
The "kame" directory contains files created by the KAME project,
which are shareable among NetBSD, FreeBSD, and other operating
systems. The other directory is for your target operating system.
For example, if you are on NetBSD, the KAME tree looks like this:
kame --+-- INSTALL (the document you are looking at)
+-- kame --+-- sys (kernel source code shared among OSes)
| +-- kame --+-- libinet6
| +-- ....
| (userland source code shared among OSes)
+-- netbsd --+-- INSTALL (NetBSD-specific installation document)
+-- sys (kernel source code specific to NetBSD)
+-- lib --+-- libinet6
| +-- ...
+-- ... (userland source code specific to NetBSD)
The KAME tree has no direct relationship with "/usr/src" tree.
You do not need to care at all about /usr/src. Please follow the
following instructions as is.
Except for bsdi[34], sufficient files are provided in the KAME tree to
bulid complete set of IPv6/IPsec binaries. You don't have to apply
any patches.
For bsdi[34], due to license restrictions, some necessary files are not
provided (we are not allowed to redistribute the whole source code tree).
In this case you have to complete the KAME tree by yourself.
For example, for bsdi[34], we cannot ship entire "sys" tree under
kame/bsdi3/sys. "sys.diff" is included in the KAME kit instead.
You will need to extract "sys" tree under kame/bsdi3/sys by following step
2 in this document.
kame --+-- INSTALL
+-- kame --+-- sys
| +-- kame --+-- libinet6
| +-- ....
+-- bsdi3 --+-- INSTALL
+-- sys.diff <--- need to extract "sys" tree here
+-- lib --+-- libinet6
| +-- ...
+-- ...
NOTE: On some operating systems it is possible to perform "make obj"
before building. However, it is not recommended since it might cause
troubles with anoncvs operation. For example, the "update" target for
Makefile in the top-level directory will become unusable. Do not
perform "make obj" unless you are ready to tackle those troubles.
0. If you have an installed KAME kit in the past, you may need to
remove the files under "/usr/local/v6" to avoid conflicts or misuse
of the old files during building. We recommend you to remove the
following, at least:
Also, do not forget to update "/usr/include" in step 5 (see below),
otherwise the include files and source code become out-of-sync.
1. See the "VERSION" file and identify a symbol name for your target
operating system. For the rest of this document, we assume "netbsd"
for explanation.
2. Be sure to have the complete KAME tree. For certain platforms (namely
bsdi3 and bsdi4) we cannot ship the whole source code tree into the
KAME tar.gz file, and you need to
- copy/untar fresh tree from CD-ROM/whatever
- apply patch included in KAME kit
Please read section 0 in bsdi[34]/INSTALL before proceed further,
if you are using bsdi[34].
3. Invoke the following:
% make TARGET=netbsd prepare
This will create necessary symbolic links for building (from the
"netbsd" tree to the "kame" tree). NOTE: You'll need the "perl"
interpreter to invoke this.
If you see any error message from the the process, you skipped some of
steps required. Do not proceed further.
4. Some parts of the KAME tree will be compiled, only if there are
certain libraries installed beforehand:
If there OpenSSL 0.9.4 installed, tcpdump will let you look
inside IPsec packet (-E option).
Compiles only when OpenSSL 0.9.4 is installed beforehand,
and shell search path is configured to reach "openssl" program.
Please install those libraries before building.
We support the following installations.
- You installed OpenSSL, with default installation path.
This means that you have given no option to "./configure".
In this case you should have /usr/local/ssl/include/openssl/des.h.
- You installed OpenSSL, via FreeBSD ports/NetBSD pkgsrc system.
Note that we do not support ports-current/pkgsrc-current. Please
stick to the ports/pkgsrc came the FreeBSD/NetBSD you are using.
In this case you should have /usr/{pkg,local}/include/openssl/des.h.
We do not support ports/pkgsrc with non-standard LOCALBASE/PREFIX.
If you install OpenSSL with some other ways, the KAME tree
may fail to find OpenSSL and omit compilation of, for
example, usr.sbin/racoon.
5. Go down to the target directory that you have specified (e.g
"netbsd"), and read document named "INSTALL" (placed in somewhere like
"netbsd/INSTALL"). Good luck!