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"make update-plat" will update kame/kame and kame/TARGET.

"make update-all" will update all target directories, including documents.
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1 parent d3d235d commit 659f88f435ab333b51c222cff277a0ab5e1d888a itojun committed
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@@ -19,6 +19,12 @@ update: update-doc update-plat
cvs update -d -P $(DOC)
+ for i in kame $(TARGET); do \
+ if test -d $$i; then \
+ (cd $$i; cvs update -d -P); \
+ fi \
+ done
+update-all: update-doc
for i in $(PLAT); do \
if test -d $$i; then \
(cd $$i; cvs update -d -P); \

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