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add freeebsd4 on PLAT.

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1 parent 37482c5 commit 7138d85d285148a2d3ab1f210eb14e5ff209d035 sumikawa committed Mar 30, 2000
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@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@ bsdi3:
(cd ${.CURDIR}; set; export CVSROOT; cvs -d co -d bsdi4 -P kame/bsdi4)
-PLAT= freebsd2 freebsd3 kame netbsd openbsd bsdi3 bsdi4
+PLAT= freebsd2 freebsd3 freebsd4 kame netbsd openbsd bsdi3 bsdi4
# DOCS is defined in
TOOLS= Makefile

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