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on openbsd, grab "proto" by myself as ip_input() would not give it to…

… us.

XXX ip_input() uses extra arguments to other purposes and it looks unsafe
to change that - we may break other part if we try to pass "proto".
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1 parent 8ef8830 commit a8f8f7c0425d13041e0c1a987801bc31eebd07fb itojun committed Dec 28, 1999
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  1. +5 −0 kame/sys/netinet/in_gif.c
@@ -259,10 +259,15 @@ in_gif_input(m, va_alist)
va_start(ap, m);
off = va_arg(ap, int);
+#ifndef __OpenBSD__
proto = va_arg(ap, int);
ip = mtod(m, struct ip *);
+#ifdef __OpenBSD__
+ proto = ip->ip_p;
/* this code will be soon improved. */
#define satosin(sa) ((struct sockaddr_in *)(sa))

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