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SSLeay/OpenSSL installation.

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Installation procedure - preparation of the tree
KAME project
-$Id: INSTALL,v 1.7 1999/10/04 03:10:54 itojun Exp $
+$Id: INSTALL,v 1.8 1999/10/05 08:25:55 itojun Exp $
KAME build tree shares part of the tree among operating system
@@ -44,8 +44,18 @@ ready to tackle those troubles.
Compiles only if SSLeay or OpenSSL is installed beforehand.
Please install those libraries before building KAME tree.
- If you are using {Net,Free,Open}BSD, ports/packages may help you build
- and install them.
+ We support the following installations in build tree:
+ - you installed SSLeay, with default installation path
+ - you installed OpenSSL, with default installation path
+ This means that you have given no option to "./configure".
+ - you installed SSLeay, via FreeBSD ports/NetBSD pkgsrc system
+ - you installed OpenSSL, via FreeBSD ports/NetBSD pkgsrc system.
+ Note that we do not support ports-current/pkgsrc-current. Please
+ stick to the ports/pkgsrc came the FreeBSD/NetBSD you are using.
+ If you install SSLeay/OpenSSL with some other ways, KAME build tree
+ may fail to find SSLeay/OpenSSL and omit compilation of, for example,
+ usr.sbin/racoon.
5. Go down to the target operating system you have specified, and read
document named "INSTALL". Good luck!

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