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Commits on Nov 22, 1999
  1. TEMPORARILY fixed the problem of mbuf pointer inconsistency on

    jinmei authored
    Note: we'll soon make a more natural fix after getting a consensus.
Commits on Nov 21, 1999
  1. avoid nonstandard .Sh. use .Ss.

    itojun authored
  2. don't use nonstandard .Sh. use .Ss.

    itojun authored
  3. don't use non-standard .Sh. use .Ss.

    itojun authored
  4. - due to library twists, behavior of ifconfig for IPv6 network name d…

    itojun authored
    …oes not
      work.  it will be fixed once libinet6 is integrated into libc.
  5. support NI_WITHSCOPEID.

    itojun authored
  6. * openbsd/sbin/ifconfig/ifconfig.c: support KAME scopeid hack.

    itojun authored
      this will make the behavior slightly incompatible
      (we can't use getnetbyname due to library conflict).  Be warned.
Commits on Nov 20, 1999
  1. fix mbuf chain processing on inbound to conform to KAME requirement.

    itojun authored
    XXX am7990.c was tested, but not others.
  2. cosmetic

    itojun authored
  3. * openbsd/sys/dev/ic/am7990.c: for inbound packets, allocate mbuf

    itojun authored
      cluster whenever desired.  this is to make "le" driver conform to
      KAME mbuf chain requirement.
  4. add OpenBSD driver conditions.

    itojun authored
  5. almost cosmetic.

    itojun authored
  6. add statistics for "too many nd opt".

    itojun authored
  7. make max # of nd6 option as variable, not hardcoded constant

    itojun authored
    (make it sysctl-accessible?).
  8. * openbsd/sys/netinet/udp_usrreq.c: fix panic on interface down

    itojun authored
      in udp6_ctlinput().  fixes KAME PR 175.
    * kame/sys/netinet6/ip6protosw.h: fix panic on big endian openbsd
      machines (short/int mismatch with struct protosw).
  9. make ip6protosw compatible with openbsd protosw. this should fix

    itojun authored
    panic on ip6_init() on openbsd/big-endian (like sparc).
  10. in kernel compilation, use bcmp() instead of memcmp() for implementing

    itojun authored
    IN6_ARE_ADDR_EQUAL().  some of kernel compilation environment does not supply
  11. fix panic in udp6_ctlinput() on "gifconfig down"

    itojun authored
    KAME PR: 175
    From: Evan Champion
Commits on Nov 19, 1999
  1. - PIM neighbor list is separately shown

    jinmei authored
    - show holdtimer of each neighbor
  2. more^2 format fix

    jinmei authored
  3. more format fix.

    jinmei authored
  4. format fix

    jinmei authored
  5. make sure to set RP holdtime advertised via cand_RPs in a bootstrap msg;

    jinmei authored
    do not set aged value.
  6. made function names in printfs consistent with their function names.

    jinmei authored
    XXX: is there a good way to avoid such inconsistency without portability problems?
  7. 1999-11-19 JINMEI, Tatuya <>

    jinmei authored
    	* kame/kame/pim6sd/config.c (config_vifs_from_kernel): considers
    	loopback and non multicast-capable interfaces, since some routers
    	have global addresses only on such interfaces.
    	Also, anycast addresses are now ignored.
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