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Commits on Jan 6, 2001
  1. scope delimiter is not atmark.

    jinmei authored
  2. do not glob socktype/protocol twice.

    itojun authored
  3. sync w/ bsdi4; clarifications on return values of getaddrinfo.

    jinmei authored
    (not compiled, but will do)
  4. additional notes about the prefix command.

    jinmei authored
    	We'd even recommend you not to use the prefix command. It has
    	recently caused many problematic situations, and almost no one
    	understands the kernel prefix management routines well. You can do
    	the same thing by the ordinally ifconfig command. See the latest
    	rc.net6.sample file.
  5. prohibited binding to an anycast, notready, or detached address.

    jinmei authored
    (not compiled)
  6. comment fix.

    jinmei authored
  7. comment fix

    jinmei authored
  8. allow binding to a deprecated address.

    jinmei authored
  9. allow binding a deprecated addresses.

    jinmei authored
  10. allowed binding a deprecated address.

    jinmei authored
    (I believe this should be allowed. Does anyone object to this?)
  11. removed "setsockopt(SO_REUSEPORT)", which should never be used by

    jinmei authored
    a unicast application.
  12. 2001-01-06 JINMEI, Tatuya <>

    jinmei authored
    	* kame/kame/prefix/prefix.c: changed the default values of
    	prefixes to infinity. Finite default values were bad, because they
    	would be installed as the lifetimes of routers' addresses, which
    	would never increment and be invalidated in the future.
    	NOTE: if you use the kernel that has the change made on 2000-12-03
    	by Koji Kawano (see CHANGELOG.2000) on a router box, and use the
    	prefix command to assign addresses for the router, please be sure
    	to update the prefix command and reboot the router (or at least
    	reassign the addresses by the new prefix command). The lifetimes
    	might now be decresing, and will expire in the near future.
  13. re-enabled the lifetime intialization, which was just disabled in the

    jinmei authored
    previous commit. instead, added some comments on effects of the initialization.
  14. tabified.

    jinmei authored
  15. 2001-01-06 JINMEI, Tatuya <>

    jinmei authored
    	* kame/kame/etc/rc.net6: prohibit the prefix command by default.
            Since the command has recently caused many problems, we should
    	reconsider the prefix management mechanism.
  16. disabled lifetime setup in add_each_addr(), which was rather harmful

    jinmei authored
    for routers.
    XXX this is just a workaround. we need more clarifications.
  17. just include ../../

    jinmei authored
Commits on Jan 5, 2001
  1. conditionally -linet6

    itojun authored
  2. .Pp in STANDARDS, for readability

    itojun authored
  3. constify

    itojun authored
  4. unused variable

    itojun authored
  5. sync comment. always make changes FIVE times.

    itojun authored
  6. synchronize with bsdi4 better. repair duplicated entries due to

    itojun authored
    afdl[] loop (fixed by jinmei in bsdi4 code).  check port number matches.
  7. if you expected that explore_fqdn could successfully return a NULL ad…

    jinmei authored
    (see comments in explore_copy), you should check its value before calling
    (this is the only correction that I can commit now)
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