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Commits on Dec 7, 2001
  1. change the variable name. it's not illegal.

    sakane authored
  2. fixed the output message of the counter.

    sakane authored
  3. - increment the seqno of the binding upate entry just before

    keiichi authored
    	  sending it.  old code increments it before sending (for
    	  non home registration message) and after receiving a binding
    	  ack (for home registration message).  though i forgot the reason
    	  why i did so, it seems there is no reason to do so now.
    	- set DAD flag by default when sending a home registration.
  4. comment wording

    jinmei authored
  5. typo (openbsd)

    itojun authored
  6. whitespace at EOL

    itojun authored
  7. typo

    itojun authored
  8. delete a unused code.

    sakane authored
  9. nuke obsoleted things.

    sakane authored
  10. - add todo.

    keiichi authored
    	- typo.
Commits on Dec 6, 2001
  1. improvoed the error message.

    sakane authored
  2. update status

    k-sugyou authored
  3. MIP6: fix a "DAD Failed" bug

    k-sugyou authored
  4. openbsd30 uses M_DUP_PKTHDR in two locations instead of M_MOVE_PKTHDR.

    itojun authored
    merge mistake (could present different ipsec behavior)
  5. protect from multiple inclusion. from openbsd

    itojun authored
Commits on Dec 5, 2001
  1. restore altq support in freebsd4.

    kjc authored
    somehow, altq support codes in these drivers were lost in the middle of
    FreeBSD-4.4 merge.
    report by Nozomu Nishinaga <>
Commits on Dec 4, 2001
  1. Tue Dec 4 20:58:54 JST 2001

    keiichi authored
    	* kame/sys/net/if_hif.[hc]
    	* kame/sys/netinet6/{mip6.[hc],mip6_binding.c}
    	* kame/sys/netinet6/nd6_rtr.c
    	- do movement detection in pfxlist_onlink_check() instead of
    	  nd6_ra_input().  this change makes it possible to utilize
    	  the change of the status of (detached) prefixes to detect
  2. - do not print leading 0 of ipv6 address.

    keiichi authored
  3. - do movement detection in the prefix_onlink_check()

    keiichi authored
    	  instead of nd6_ra_input().
  4. - fix a invalid pointer access in the home unreg code.

    keiichi authored
    	- more error handling.
  5. - remove old MIP6 garbage.

    keiichi authored
  6. 2001-12-04 JINMEI, Tatuya <>

    jinmei authored
    	* bsdi4/contrib/bind/src/lib/irs/dns_ho.c (ho_byaddr):
    	* bsdi4/contrib/bind/src/lib/resolv/res_init.c (res_setoptions):
    	use then as the upper domain for IPv6 reverse
    	loookups (with the nibble format), unless the "no-ip6-arpa"
    	resolver option is specified.
  7. - Change the last argument type of natpt_composeIPv[46]Hdr().

    fujisawa authored
      It is convenient that this argument is a 'struct ip(ip6_hdr) *'
      instead of 'struct pcv *'.
  8. Q: How can I configure NAT-PT?

    jinmei authored
  9. * libinet6/name6.c: on IPv6 reverse name lookup, query

    itojun authored
      then (both using nibble format).
Commits on Dec 3, 2001
  1. 2001-12-03 JINMEI, Tatuya <>

    jinmei authored
    	* netbsd/sys/netinet/tcp_subr.c (ipsec4_hdrsiz_tcp): corrected
    	IP+TCP headers to calculate the header size.
    	This fix is very important, because without the fix the kernel
    	would bypass the path acquiring SAs even if the policy requires
    	All KAME netbsd users who use IPsec for TCP/IPv4 should apply this
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