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Commits on Feb 6, 2001
  1. Remove purgeph1(); it is no longer used.

    thorpej authored
  2. Don't delete Phase 1 handlers on INITIAL-CONTACT, and don't ignore

    thorpej authored
    an INITIAL-CONTACT if we have contacted the peer.  This matches the
    Sun IKE behavior, and makes rekeying work much better when the peer
  3. wording in comment

    itojun authored
  4. * netbsd/sys/net/route.c: ignore redirect attempt, if we are to

    itojun authored
      create/update routing entry with the same value in rt_key and
      rt_gateway.  response to NetBSD PR 4827.  experimental.
  5. do not crate/update routing entry, if rtredirect() ends up creating

    itojun authored
    routing entry with rt_key == rt_gateway.
    this case happens only with:
    - bogus host route entry toward onlink destination (like on, -> outgoing router)
    - bogus ntework route entry toward (part of) onlink destinations
      (like on, -> outgoign router).
    not sure if it is mandatory to do this, but there was NetBSD PR on this with
    report of kernel panic (not sure if the issue still persists)
  6. commented about the local debug mode.

    sakane authored
  7. don't call atexit() on the local debug mode.

    sakane authored
  8. 2001-02-06 JINMEI, Tatuya <>

    jinmei authored
    	* kame/sys/netinet6/nd6.c (nd6_p2p_rtrequest): removed.  It was
    	introduced long long ago, and is not necessary any more,
    	especially after the recent clarification on the address/prefix
  9. move prototype for in6_{embed,recover}scope into in6_var.h.

    itojun authored
    (embedscope uses in6pcb *, but is more like non-pcb function)
  10. removed nd6_p2p_rtrequest, because it is not called from anyware since

    jinmei authored
    the recent clarification on address/prefix management.
  11. remove in6_clearscope

    itojun authored
  12. removed declaration of in6_clearscope(), which is now declared in

    jinmei authored
  13. ncftp3 merged as ftp/ncftp3

    sumikawa authored
  14. ncftp3 merged as ftp/ncftp

    sumikawa authored
  15. better #include for in6?_pcb.h

    itojun authored
  16. need in6_pcb.h for prototype of in6_clearscope(). type mismatch.

    itojun authored
    XXX maybe we should move prototypes to in6_var.h, if it is not just for pcb?
  17. print new stats related to ND6.

    itojun authored
  18. srounded A & B by parentheses

    jinmei authored
  19. - use m_pkthdr.rcvif instead of (possibly) embedded link ID to be more

    jinmei authored
      generic on scopes.
    - clear embedded scope ID under !SCOPEDROUTING cases only.
  20. make ni6_input node addresses processing more scope conscious

    jinmei authored
    (not only consider link-local addresses, but consider other scoped addresses
     as well)
  21. defined SA6_ARE_ADDR_EQUAL to see if two addresses are equal in a

    jinmei authored
    scope-conscious manner.
  22. %qu -> %llu

    itojun authored
  23. * sys/netinet6/nd6*.c: minimize number of log() or printf() on inbound

    itojun authored
      packet processing path, to avoid /var from get filluped with with
      bogus packet storms.
    * sys/netinet6/icmp6.c: supply new sysctl net.inet6.icmp6.nd6_debug,
      to turn on/off error/warning messages on inbonud ND/ICMPv6 packets.
      disabled by default, can be enabled by default if you have
      "options ND6_DEBUG".
    * sys/netinet6: OLD_LOOPBACK_IF is no longer supported (see changelog
      on 2000/7/30).
  24. goodbye OLD_LOOPBACK_IF

    itojun authored
  25. sysctl knob for nd6_debug

    itojun authored
  26. try not to call log() on ND6 input path (fearing /var filling up with

    itojun authored
    bogus packet storms).
    supply a variable nd6_debug so that we can change logging at runtime.
  27. style

    itojun authored
  28. constify

    itojun authored
  29. 2001-02-06 JINMEI, Tatuya <>

    jinmei authored
    	* kame/sys/netinet6/in6.c (in6_update_ifa): always set the
    	destination address when specified regardless of the type of the
    	interface.  This would solve a problem that bsdi3 could not add a
    	route that has ::1 as the gateway (bsdi3 specific, maybe).
    	This fix was in response to a report from Tomomi Suzuki
  30. always set the destination address when specified regardless of

    jinmei authored
    the type of the interface.  this would solve a problem that bsdi3 could not
    add a route that has ::1 as the gateway (bsdi3 specific, maybe).
    in response to a report from Tomomi Suzuki <>.
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