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Octocat-spinner-32 README
$KAME: README,v 1.35 2004/08/19 15:14:17 sumikawa Exp $

This directory contains kame related ports only. Generic IPv6-enable
ports are distributed by original FreeBSD ports.

You can get information about recent IPv6-enable ports at:

WARNING: Part of the following ports are available at ports-current
only, not included in 4.x-RELEASE. But we do not support mixed
kernel/application from different versions. You need to use
ports-current at your own risk and you may require some knowledge to
mix them.

ports merging status at $Date: 2004/08/19 15:14:17 $

KAME/FreeBSD3	ports-current
XFree86		Both XFree86 and xorg supports IPv6
apache13	merged as www/apache13+ipv6
bind8		merged as dns/bind84
bind9		merged as dns/bind9
ct		merged as net/ct
echoping	merged as net/echoping
emacs20		merged as editror/emacs20, editror/emacs20+dl
fetchmail	merged as mail/fetchmail
fwtk6		not yet
gated-ipv6	not yet
gbatnav		not yet
geta		merged as net/geta
heimdal		merged in original distribution
icecast		merged as audio/icecast2.  icecast2 original distribution support IPv6.
inn		not yet
ipv6socket_scrub	merged as net/ipv6socket_scrub
irc		merged as irc/irc
irssi		merged as irc/irssi
ja-mnews	merged as japanese/mnews
ja-w3m		merged as japanese/w3m
ja-w3m-ssl	merged as japanese/w3m-ssl
leafnode+	not yet
lftp		merged as ftp/lftp
libident6	not yet
libpcap		merged in original distribution
lynx		merged as www/lynx
mediator	no plan to merge(license issue)
mmosaic		not yet
mod_perl	no plan. recomend to use www/apache2
mozilla		merged as www/mozilla
mpg123		merged as audio/mpg123
mrt		merged as net/mrt
mtr		merged as net/mtr
ncftp3		merged as ftp/ncftp3
netcat		merged as net/netcat
                but recommend to use net/obnc(OpenBSD netcat)
netperf		merged as benchmarks/netperf
netris		merged as games/netris
newbie		no plan
openssh		merged in original distribution
p5-Socket6	merged as net/p5-Socket6
pchar		merged as net/pchar
pfs		not yet
pident6d	not yet
popper		merged as mail/qpopper
postfix		merged as mail/postfix-current
ppp		merged in original distribution
python		merged as lang/python
qmail		not yet
quake6		not yet
quakedata	not yet
rat		merged as mbone/rat
rev_v6_address	not yet
rsync		merged as net/rsync
ruby		merged as lang/ruby
sdr		not yet(maybe)
sendmail	merged in original distribution
socks5		not yet
socks64		not yet
solidpop3d	merged as mail/solidpop3d
squid11		not yet(based version in KAME ports is too old)
ssh		merged as security/ssh
tcp_wrapper	merged in original distribution
tcpd		not yet
tcpdump		merged in original distribution
tcptrace	not yet
totd		merged as net/totd
ucd-snmp	merged as net/ucd-snmp
v6eval		net/v6eval
v6tun		not yet
vat6		not yet(maybe)
vic6		merged as mbone/vic
vnc		merged as net/vnc
w3m		merged as www/w3m
w3m-ssl		merged as www/w3m-ssl
wbd		not yet(maybe)
wget		merged as ftp/wget
wu-ftpd		merged as ftp/wu-ftpd+ipv6
wwwoffle	merged as www/wwwoffle
wyvern		merged as www/wyvern
xemacs21	not yet
xmms		merged as multimedia/xmms
xtris		merged as games/xtris
zebra		merged as net/zebra
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