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I can be replaced by the data attribute Parameta of jQuery plug-in.
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I can be replaced by the data attribute Parameta of jQuery plug-in.

If you want to operate in a different page and a plurality of plug Because I thought this cumbersome and is not do unless you do not re-specified by preparing a js bother I made a jQuery plug-in that you can use the parameters specified in the data-* instead.



  • If there is a plug-in as described below.

      	timer: 1000,
      	num: 1,
      	isSessionStorage: true
  • you can use instead the data attribute of HTML as described below.

      <p class="tab" data-timer="1000" data-num="1" is-session-storage="true">


  1. description of the script. There is a need to write a jquery.dataExtend.js after the plug-in

     <script src="js/jquery.js"></script>
     <script src="js/"></script>
     <script src="js/jquery.dataExtend.js"></script>
  2. $('tag you want to adaptation').dataExtemd('plug-in name');

  3. you write the data attribute in HTML(you connect the "-" If camelcase)※ is-session-storage = isSessionStorage

     <p class="tab" data-timer="1000" data-num="1" is-session-storage="true">


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