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In the version 0.9.5 of I couldn't align data inside of the table cells or control the data alignment inside of the table cells. But using code like this:
$cell_props->[51]->[10] = {
font => $font{'Helvetica'}{'Bold'},
font_size => 8,
background_color => '#BFBFBF',
font_color => '#FF0000',
justify => "center",
I can. But the new version 0.9.7 is placing these settings ( I am creating multiple pages documents) out of its place after the first page. Any ideas what was dramatically changed that is causing this? I can send you some sample code to illustrate what I am trying to explain here.

@kamenov kamenov was assigned Nov 27, 2012

I will have a look later today and let you know. If it is a quick one, I will make a new commit.

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@kamenov kamenov reopened this Nov 27, 2012

This should be fixed with commits a3d8619 and a58d84b . Can you please check if it now works with your code and setup.

@kamenov kamenov added the bug label Dec 19, 2014

Closing due to timeout. If problem still exists, please reopen.

@kamenov kamenov closed this Oct 13, 2015
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