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This repository contains a selection of secondary analyses and redrawing of figures from research papers in the field of pain. The respository is under active development, and I encouraged users to fork the respository, make additions/changes, and issue pull requests.

The folders are named according to the first author and publication date of the article from which data were extracted.

Project folders

(listed in chronological order of article publication date)

  1. Breivik et al., 2006: Calculated bootstrap a mean and 95% confidence interval using data on the prevalence of chronic pain in 15 European countries and Israel. Also see: Nahin et al., 2015
  2. Cepeda et al., 2009: Changes in pain intensity and proportion of placebo responders in clinical trials for various neuropathic pain conditions. [preliminary]
  3. Ellis et al., 2010: Examined whether the prevalence of HIV-associated sensory neuropathy (HIV-SN), and the presence of pain in this with HIV-SN, differs between patients stratified according to whether they have/have not been exposed to neurotoxic antiretroviral drugs.
  4. Nahin et al., 2015: [preliminary] Calculated a bootstrap mean and 95% confidence interval of the prevalence of chronic pain in a sub-sample of 8,466 US adults who completed the Functioning and Disability Supplement of the 2012 National Health Interview Survey. Also see: Breivik et al., 2006

Cite these analyses

You can get citation information for each individual project folder using the DOI information provided in each project folder's file.


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second-look-PAIN by Peter Kamerman is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.