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Camel FTP Example

A very simple example which demonstrates the Camel FTPComponent and JMSComponent based camel route as a normal Camel Application

Setup and Running

To make this application run we need to setup a small FTP server, the source folder has a Vagrantfile which can be used to spinup small CentOS server which will serve as a FTP server for this demo. Use the command vagrant up from the source folder to start he server and setup a sample FTP folder called orders with some example files, the vagrant sync is already setup, so you can add the files to the orders folder in the source tree to see it synched with Vagrant box under /home/vagrant/orders which will be used by the Camel FTP component

Once the FTP server is up you can run the application using mvn camel:run to start the Camel route and start processing the files FTP server