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Describe a component (or file) in the sources section of the manifest #8

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For frequently changing external files (libraries, widgets...) which do not follow the mootools package-syntax and have no description-header in their files, I added the ability to describe the components of a file in the manifest file.

name: "Core"
exports: "mootools-core.js"
web: ""
description: "MooTools, The JavaScript framework"
license: "MIT License"
copyright: "© MooTools"
authors: "MooTools Development Team"

  - "Source/Core/Core.js"
    - "Source/Types/Array.js"
    - name: Array
      description: Contains Array Prototypes like each, contains, and erase.
      license: MIT-style license.
      requires: Type
      provides: Array
  - "Source/Types/String.js"

Having the description in the manifest the actual source file doesn't need a header.
I decided to handle the file path and the description in an array with 2 elements, but it may also be possible and maybe easier to read if you handle that in a map using the file path as key and the description map as value?!

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Commits on Dec 17, 2010
  1. Added the ability to read the description for a file from the source-…

    thomasd authored
    …entry in the manifest.
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  1. +12 −1 packager.php
13 packager.php
@@ -61,6 +61,11 @@ private function parse_manifest($path){
foreach ($manifest['sources'] as $i => $path){
+ // thomasd: if the source-node contains a description we cache it, but we wait if there's also a description-header in the file as this one takes precedence
+ if(is_array($path)){
+ $source_desc = $path[1];
+ $path = $path[0];
+ }
$path = $package_path . $path;
// this is where we "hook" for possible other replacers.
@@ -71,7 +76,13 @@ private function parse_manifest($path){
// get contents of first comment
preg_match('/\/\*\s*^---(.*?)^\.\.\.\s*\*\//ms', $source, $matches);
- if (!empty($matches)) $descriptor = YAML::decode($matches[0]);
+ if (!empty($matches)){
+ $descriptor = YAML::decode($matches[0]);
+ }
+ // thomasd: if the file doesn't contain a proper description-header but the manifest does, we take that description
+ else if(isset($source_desc) && is_array($source_desc)){
+ $descriptor = $source_desc;
+ }
// populate / convert to array requires and provides
$requires = (array)(!empty($descriptor['requires']) ? $descriptor['requires'] : array());
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