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An essential JavaScript library for node.js and browsers
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  1. fundamental, basic, essential.
  2. make (something) ready for use or action.
  3. archetypal, prototypical, typical, classic.


prime is an Object Oriented JavaScript library. It helps you with prototypal inheritance and contains generic utilities for every-day JavaScripting.

No Native JavaScript Objects were harmed in the making of this library.

Modules Overview

A short overview of the available modules. For more information, refer to the documentation.


The function to create new primes.

var prime = require("prime")

var Animal = prime({
    say: function(){
        return "!!"

var Emitter = require("prime/emitter")

var Cat = prime({
    inherits: Animal,
    mixin: Emitter,
    say: function(){
        return "meaow" +


The event emitter.

var Emitter = require("prime/emitter")

var Dog = prime({
    inherits: Animal,
    mixin: Emitter,
    say: function(){
        var word = "wuff" +
        this.emit("say", word)
        return word

var barkley = new Dog

barkley.on("say", function(word){
    console.log("barkley barked", word)


Map-like implementation.

var Map = require("prime/map")

var map = new Map()

map.set(domElement, "header")
map.set(domElement2, "footer")
map.get(domElement) // "header"
map.get(domElement2) // "footer"


Optimized timeouts / immediates / animationFrames.

var defer = require("prime/defer")

defer.frame(function() {
    console.log('on next animation frame');

defer.immediate(function() {
    console.log('on platform next tick.');

defer.timeout(function() {
}, 500);

When all else fails, read the full documentation.

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