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commit 3063058e9c21f1421531ab206bf115d2eb3cf8e5 1 parent 094055e
@subtleGradient subtleGradient authored
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@@ -1251,7 +1251,7 @@ var arithmetic = shell({
return this * num
divide: function(num){
- return this / num
+ return this // num
arithmetic.add(4, 6) // 10

8 comments on commit 3063058




Like I said, it's a typo ;)


actually, it's not... :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
method is called divide, which divides this by num, which is the argument.


Like I said, my commit added a typo.
I didn't say I fixed a typo.


Either I'm an idiot, or I went through a lot of effort to make that stupid joke.
Honestly, either option is just as likely.


I don't think those options are mutually exclusive.

Edit: Except the you being dumb one. That one is clearly the one that is not true.


Lol, I can edit other people's comments. Not sure why they allow that

Edit: And it's not just me.


I can edit yours too. I guess it's because we're both MooTools admins. Someone should block us.

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