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This is a react app which use Hacker News API to implement a single page Hacker News Client.

Why a new react hacker news client?

There is plenty HackerNews client implemented by React in Github, why we need a new one? The reason is straightforward, this is not a Product, but a demo for best practice on how to use React to develop a web app.

The existing HackerNews implemented by React has some issues:

  • The code is obsolete
  • Do not have unit test

That's why a new react hacker news is needed.

What features does this react hacker news have?

As state above, this is not a product, but a best practice demo for using React to develop a web app. The feature is not about what the product have, but about what technology we are using to build this simple product.

  • Use ES6 for all most all the code, including React Component related code
  • Use eslint-config-airbnb as eslint baseline
  • Use webpack/babel as build tools, with develop/production separated configs
  • Use Mocha/Enzyme/chai as unit test toolset
  • Use sinon as mock
  • Use ghooks to make sure git commit message is well formated according to AngularJS's commit message convention
  • Use loglevel to implement a well-designed/modules app log system
  • Script to deploy React web app to github pages in a nutshell
  • Script to generate change log with single command