Prints the current time in a more casual way (the "ten past six"-style).
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fuzzytime is a small utility which tells what time it is or how much time there is left to something, in a more familiar way such as "ten to six" rather than 17:51 (telling the time), or "in five minutes" (telling the left time).

There are two modes: telling the time / the time left till some event, and setting the timer. See main below.

The intended use is in an environment which does not provide a status bar with a built-in clock. It is expected to be piper to a status bar and run every minute or so in the clock mode.
The timer can be set via the timer-setting mode. When the timer is set, the clock mode will show how much time there is left till some event. To get back to showing the actual time, timer has to be unset.


Say you have fuzzytime piped to your status bar and it serves as a usual clock applet. Then you got an e-mail saying that you're going to have a meeting at one o'clock. You set the timer to 13:00 and instead of the current time, fuzzytime begins to show you how much time you have left till the meeting. After you come back, you unset the timer and have fuzzytime display the current time again.

### --help
A clock and timer that tell the time in a more human way.
v0.7.7, 2012.03.03, *antispam*, GPL3+

fuzzytime [COMMAND] ... [OPTIONS]

Common flags:
  -? --help        Display help message
  -V --version     Print version information

fuzzytime clock [OPTIONS]
  Print fuzzy time if timer is not set, and countdown if it is.

  -a --caps=INT    Capital letters; default 1 (see the man page).
  -c --clock=INT   12 or 24-hour clock; default 12-hour.
  -l --lang=ITEM   Language (currently da, de, el, en, es, fr, it, ja, nb,
                   nl, pl, se and tr); default en.
  -p --prec=INT    Precision (1 <= prec <= 60 [minutes]); default 5.
  -t --time=ITEM   Time to fuzzify as HH:MM; default current time.
  -o --sound=ITEM  Command to play the alarm sound; see man for the default.
  -s --style=INT   How the time is told (see the man page); default 1.

fuzzytime timer [OPTIONS] [END]
  Set timer to END as HH:MM or "unset". (Disables printing time.)