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Goflow is a simply package to control goroutines execution order based on dependencies. It works similar to from node.js async package, but for Go.


Install the package with:

go get

Import it with:

import ""

and use goflow as the package name inside the code.


package main

import (

func main() {
	f1 := func(r map[string]interface{}) (interface{}, error) {
		fmt.Println("function1 started")
		time.Sleep(time.Millisecond * 1000)
		return 1, nil

	f2 := func(r map[string]interface{}) (interface{}, error) {
		time.Sleep(time.Millisecond * 1000)
		fmt.Println("function2 started", r["f1"])
		return "some results", nil

	f3 := func(r map[string]interface{}) (interface{}, error) {
		fmt.Println("function3 started", r["f1"])
		return nil, nil

	f4 := func(r map[string]interface{}) (interface{}, error) {
		fmt.Println("function4 started", r)
		return nil, nil

	res, err := goflow.New().
		Add("f1", nil, f1).
		Add("f2", []string{"f1"}, f2).
		Add("f3", []string{"f1"}, f3).
		Add("f4", []string{"f2", "f3"}, f4).

	fmt.Println(res, err)

Output will be:

function1 started
function3 started 1
function2 started 1
function4 started map[f2:some results f3:<nil>]
map[f1:1 f2:some results f3:<nil> f4:<nil>] <nil>