@kamilfb kamilfb released this Sep 30, 2015 · 150 commits to development since this release

Assets 3
  • User interface improvements
    • Connections can be now grouped into folders and reordered (drag&drop)
    • Added security status to connection tabs and lists
    • Improved context menus
    • Input format for publications is now available only in the detailed perspectives
    • Run with scripts now changes the Publish button's label
    • Long-running message log processing can be cancelled or put into background
  • Support for empty client ID (MQTT 3.1.1; #44)
  • Added MQTT servers to the sample configuration file (iot.eclipse.org, test.mosquitto.org, broker.mqtt-dashboard.com) - first two are configured to use TLS with server-only authentication (using publicly available certificate authority files)
  • Requires at least Java 8 Update 40
  • Removed dependency on ControlsFx, which was causing issues with Java 8 Update 60 and later (#45)
  • Bug fixes (opening message log, subcribing from the the summary tab)