@kamilfb kamilfb released this Apr 1, 2016 · 30 commits to development since this release

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  • New way of creating subscriptions
    • By default the "Define new subscription" pane is now hidden (unless you are in the Basic perspective)
    • The "Subscriptions and received messages" tab pane has now got a new tab symbol
    • Clicking on the new tab symbol or Ctrl+Shift+S will pop up a window for creating a new subscription
    • Right click allows you to attach the window instead
    • Hold the Control button when hitting Enter or clicking on Subscribe to keep the window
    • (Re)sizing of other panes (e.g. "Scripted publications") should work properly now (#25)
  • New "Basic" perspective
  • Formatting improvements
    • Support for decoding Eclipse Kura's message payload (#56)
    • Support for pretty JSON and XML formatting (#65)
    • Added more sample inputs for various types of formatters
  • Manual and auto export of charts as PNG images - see the "Options" button (#60)
  • New context menu item ("Edit...") for the connection tab, allowing you to jump straight into editing your connection settings rather than going via "Manager connections" and selection the connection manually
  • Improvements to the scripted publications table
    • Looking inside subfolders (see the context menu)
    • Showing subfolder name (if applicable)
    • New context menu item ("Set script directory") to reload scripts from a given location
    • Default sort order applied
  • Keyboard shortcuts
    • Ctrl + N for new connection
    • Ctrl + M for managing connections
    • Ctrl + Shift + S for new subscription
  • New built-in CA certificate for iot.eclipse.org (needed after Eclipse moved to Let's Encrypt certificates)
  • Fix for TLS/SSL keys when using key files rather than keystores (#63)
  • Fix for script's stop command not working when repeat flag selected ([#64](https://github.com/kamilfb/mqtt-
  • Fix for resizing the main window when larger fonts are configured in the OS (#66)
  • Fix for resizing the connection properties window (#68)
  • Fix for "new subscription" tab (#69)
  • Fix for saving messages as scripts (#70)