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Customizer, formerly known as U-Customizer, is an advanced Live CD customization and remastering tool. Use any supported Ubuntu-based ISO image, such as Ubuntu Mini Remix, Ubuntu or its derivatives ISO image to build your own remix with a few mouse clicks.

For quick reference, refer to manual. More information in wiki.


Customizer was founded and developed by Ivailo Monev and has been improved by many contributors. Thanks to all who helped making this project useful to this date!

Customizer is copyright by Ivailo Monev, et al.

Distributed under GPL-2.0 license.


Customizer is stable and not under active development.

For enquiries and feedback, refer to contributing guidelines.

Recent releases require at least Python 2.7 and Qt 4, and support remastering from Ubuntu 12.04 up to Ubuntu 17.04.

This repository contains support for Python 3 and Qt 5. 32-bit and 64-bit ISOs can be generated from 64-bit builders. 32-bit ISOs can be generated from 32-bit builders.

This repository

You are viewing the 'upstream' master repository of Customizer.

The repo was previously maintained by Ivailo Monev 'fluxer'. The repo was previously maintained by Mubiin Kimura 'clearkimura'.

The official repo is available at kamilion/customizer. This repo is maintained by @kamilion (Graham Cantin).


As January 2017, this is now the official repository.

Previous bookmarks will now be redirected here.

The repository has changed to a lower case c to reflect UNIX tradition of typing lowercase commands and preferring lowercase directories.

The project name remains Customizer with a capital C.

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