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146b36a update readme
6712de2 improve make files
4f1a0e6 fix bug with exposed port in Dockerfile
1528388 remove cookie-jar from insomnia.json
e6ce619 little code improvements
b57e86f remove arg names from interfaces
97d9449 update readme
98b810e change positioning
f39a39e update service.conf
c40c072 make a decision about github.com/a-urth/go-bindata and github.com/jteeuwen/go-bindata
008f11d add publish target
a2d514b fix #15: implement mvp
20147ac fix #22: add expvar; fix #23: add pprof
30636c7 fix #16: define database structure; review #21: basic auth is removed
9e6eb89 vendor deps
ee7409c fix #17: integrate Material Kit template
9952ae7 add todo to change some external links
01be6ac build binary with Go 1.10
2ff4479 fix #14: add gitter channel
56a9bfe fix env var name
6343ef1 import insomnia configuration
d230556 change click link
46fac38 fix #12: init project structure and create stub server
01d656b sync repo structure from form-api
496ba86 little updates
62e4478 fix git history
9f768ee root

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