@kamilsk kamilsk released this Jan 31, 2018 · 277 commits to master since this release

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7e3ef1b fix negative test, complete godoc
7e665aa fix bugs in smoke tests, prepare to release
8df3d74 fix #52: complete error rendering
e1e2ef5 issue #52: improve error.html template
32eb467 fix #69: add .goreleaser config
17128db fix #61: integrate with scrutinizer-ci
3e386dd issue #61: experiments with scrutinizer-ci
b29087d fix #67: integrate with gitter
50a9df5 fix #62: add coverage badge
6f85090 issue #62: prepare coverage report
b74d9cb fix #64: add .HasError to ValidationError
1b9aa4c issue #64: prepare validation to move it to subpackage of domain
22669dd fix #65: schema.Apply set input values from data
2e10ff4 rename fallback argument
f2f0157 fix #60: add bitbucket mirror
2f1da7e fix #63: add test for error.html rendering
bbe27d3 fix #58: add language support
d42448d fix #59: add success to redirect url
3895392 up coverage of server.PostV1
90ed65d full cover GetV1 domain logic
1c858ed complex refactoring, step 2; fix domain package name
bcb3e3e up code coverage of server package
0f42035 prepare demo data for github demo page
166c078 issue #52: prepare integration tests
bde1564 fix #56: replace Marshal by MarshalIndent in tests
5312bc9 allow failure for go 1.7 and go 1.8
ae67684 try to test on go 1.7 and 1.8
d719faa fix #54: stop using default http server, fix serialization bug in postgres and improve transfer/encoding package
8f9a397 fix #11: add API specification link
2ead375 fix #55: add information about extra profiles to rest.http
986c25e fix #49: remove pointers for request specific objects
315620e up code coverage of server/middleware
e0eed5a complex refactoring, step 1
8a4a321 refactor errors package tests
e7e0a10 review dao/postgres package
9d63aeb improve errors package
4031bd7 update deps
c244f99 add information about space characters
b166915 remove ToLower from switch
d3803c1 add hidden type
305c34f fix #53: add max_cpus support
829f36b update readme
ff82359 better release planning
ab4f064 add tweet button and update tracking image
1a6a8e3 prepare main.go for test
e83f2fa rename service
f7a8992 research benefits of issue #48
560cfbf update mockgen related to github.com/golang/mock/issues/138
8fd50e3 fix #50: add travis ci integration
b9483a2 fix #45 and fix #27: html with redirect and up code quality

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