@kamilsk kamilsk released this May 11, 2018 · 221 commits to master since this release

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df6b1a2 fix #91: use github.com/golang/gddo/httputil to parse Accept header
4691a36 sync errors from check project
57d820e add information about major updates
5f6f38c fix #96: add link to research branch
e57f250 little improvements
7e30651 fix bug with environment vars
7cd609f improve environment
dcb71fb fix #90: improve database backup and restore
8921b4b fix #93: add completions
18a530b sync makefile from click
a47e082 check checklist
a022742 update github templates and make files
71f3410 imrove test of main package
1f1fae2 reorganize demo and integration test
9f5762c update travis config
9167c73 update scrutinizer config
689ef18 update .gitignore
9e25e54 little fixes in dao/postgres
692d995 update short description in readme
d18a9de add untracked vendor files
aca5478 fix #75: add updated deps and prepare to move docs to separated branch
9d1d06d fix #82: update deps and add driver packages for the future
f31e464 add tracker scripts
0d832b6 improve make files