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Support new goreleaser versions and installation via Homebrew

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@kamilsk kamilsk released this 30 Mar 15:46
· 7 commits to extended since this release


As a maintainer, I use the goreleaser to build and publish binaries
of my tools and services. But the godownloader is no longer actively maintained and
doesn't support new goreleaser configurations. I need to adapt it to new versions
of goreleaser and generate actual installation shell scripts.

As a developer, I want to install the godownloader using Homebrew or
a shell script generated by it. But the godownloader doesn't support that.
I need to add support for new goreleaser versions and Homebrew.

What's changed

  • The godownloader supports new versions of goreleaser1.
  • The tool is available by brew install octolab/tap/godownloader.
  • The installation is also possible by
    $ curl -sSfL | sh -s -- -b /usr/local/bin

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  1. Limited support, tested only with go-tool and go-service.