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👮 Passport Tweet

Person Identifier as a Service — your personal user tracker and auth service.

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  • We have to full control over our users' data and protect it from third parties.

Quick start


  • Docker 18.06.0-ce or above
  • Docker Compose 1.22.0 or above
  • Go 1.9.2 or above
  • GNU Make 3.81 or above
$ make up demo status

       Name                     Command               State                           Ports
passport_db_1 postgres    Up>5432/tcp
passport_server_1    /bin/sh -c echo $BASIC_USE ...   Up>443/tcp,>80/tcp
passport_service_1   service run --with-profili ...   Up>8080/tcp,>8090/tcp,
                                                    >8091/tcp, 8092/tcp, 8093/tcp

$ make help



You can find API specification here. Also, we recommend using Insomnia HTTP client to work with the API - you can import data for it from the file.


Service command-line interface
$ make install

$ passport --help

  passport [command]

Available Commands:
  completion  Print Bash or Zsh completion
  help        Help about any command
  migrate     Apply database migration
  run         Start HTTP server
  version     Show application version

  -h, --help   help for passport

Use "passport [command] --help" for more information about a command.

Bash and Zsh completions

You can find completion files here or build your own using these commands

$ passport completion bash > /path/to/bash_completion.d/
$ passport completion zsh  > /path/to/zsh-completions/_passport.zsh



$ brew install kamilsk/tap/passport


$ export REQ_VER=1.0.0  # all available versions are on
$ export REQ_OS=Linux   # macOS and Windows are also available
$ export REQ_ARCH=64bit # 32bit is also available
$ # wget -q -O passport.tar.gz
$ curl -sL -o passport.tar.gz \"${REQ_VER}/passport_${REQ_VER}_${REQ_OS}-${REQ_ARCH}".tar.gz
$ tar xf passport.tar.gz -C "${GOPATH}"/bin/ && rm passport.tar.gz

Docker Hub

$ docker pull kamilsk/passport:1.x
# or use mirror
$ docker pull

From source code

$ egg^1.0.0 -- make test install
$ # or use mirror
$ egg^1.0.0 -- make test install

egg1 is an extended go get.


This application is in a state of MVP and under active development. SemVer is used for releases, and you can easily be updated within minor versions, but major versions can be not BC-safe.

1 The project is still in prototyping.

Gitter @kamilsk @octolab

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