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bd2d991 update readme
1ccb656 issue #19: revert fallback on js side, ingore cases when cookie will not be send
d2a6fef issue #19: add fallback to js side
0e2cfa9 fix #18: add cross-origin demo, review passport.js; improve make files
9acd9ea disable debug
f85b74b fix #15: fix cors problems and add github.com/rs/cors package; fix problems with request body size on nginx side
cf25168 fix #17 and fix #16: checked
35c4aa7 issue #16: add request limits
56949ce issue #15 is critical
8efb08c experiment with production instance
263971f fix bug with exposed port in Dockerfile
a3cec8a update insomnia.json
76425d4 issue #13: storing metadata will be done in future release
fd1dc2c fix #14: include required vendor scripts, optimize and minify passport.js
dcf6338 fix #4: implement /fingerprint handler
7bc21cd fix #9: implement /instruction handler
27ecffb prepare server and service implementation
38fa3f4 init database structure
9f35230 init dao package
c8bddd9 init errors package and add github.com/pkg/errors with github.com/golang/mock
16aafdf init domain package
98707f7 init service package
c314986 add github.com/stretchr/testify and init static package
fbf21e2 sync main package and add github.com/lib/pq
f292550 sync env from click project
5905fbf update deps
8f891c5 vendor deps
e237183 update #7: improve template integration
c812ce8 fix #7: add material kit template for promo page
f5d5d12 fix #6: integrate fingerprint2
62ebff4 build binary with Go 1.10
54815f8 fix #1: add gitter channel
463320c fix env var name
e55d9fb update insomnia.json
6e31fbb import insomnia configuration
8e24b33 fix #2: init project structure and create stub server
30fd2f7 sync repo structure from form-api
9c95c04 fix git history
07161ad root

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