@kamilsk kamilsk released this Jan 5, 2019 · 10 commits to master since this release

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940b9c1 update roadmap
49d8307 improve Dockerfile
738e15a fix #24: simplify js, remove jQuery
12080af switch from dep to go mod
d436f5e update Fingerprintjs2 to 1.8.6
6ed8776 sync pkg
d166ae2 sync root
8c0ecc2 sync env dir
e032183 sync cmd package
feaa65d move sources to pkg
22a9d2e sync env dir
b2704d8 change roadmap
fb8d2cd update deps
190d12b update readme
6fa0bb3 fix roadmap
8cbb88e review deps
570e44d update roadmap
6cc8b8e remove height
cd0eb50 add emoji
9494d58 add character
6bb26ef fix #36: create mirror in quay.io
d429e29 fix #37: add 1.x tag for docker image
a4dcd85 update volumes for kamilsk/nginx:alpine
d70e10f fix #34: remove volume from passport image
b4e0326 fix #35: update docker-compose.*.yml
2eb7ea5 fix #22: check cookie flags
d91eea3 sync errors from check project
1bfac8b add information about major updates
1789417 fix #30: add link to research branch
2d6407b little improvements
42fa7b1 fix bug with environment vars
70957c1 improve environment
fe52f7b fix #21: improve database backup and restore
f263679 fix #27: add completions
6cebf4f sync makefile from click
e497427 check checklist
5284f06 update github templates and make files
6d51141 improve test of main package
cd165fd reorganize integration test
b166297 update travis config
4216190 update scrutinizer config
af2cef3 update .gitignore
68d3b9b update short description in readme
b92fb57 add untracked vendor files
db5792b update deps and add driver package for the future
efdb7a2 fix scrutinizer recommendations
efdbb9f separate docker-compose.yml to dev and ci
062e980 update gitignore, readme, travis and scrutinizer configs, rename .example.env tp .env.example, include mocks
2089209 fix #20: configure local environment for cross-origin requests