@kamilsk kamilsk released this Nov 30, 2017 · 62 commits to v4 since this release


4148495 Merge branch 'dev'
dec5803 fix issue #65: add example how to control database connection
155ace6 fix issue #64: add http client example
d9a2e6b fix issue #72: add example with context
9fa837e issue #72: remove old example and prepare to create new
9a41d09 fix issue #83: complete sync with kamilsk/semaphore
31b9abd fix issue #79: add example with os.Interrupt
4da1fd1 issue #83: add example of cli tool
d66c93a Merge branch 'dev'
a9420a9 fix golint warnings
8dbfea1 Merge branch 'dev'
3d6e332 fix issue #67: add docs about bash completion
38bac7d fix issue #73: convert tests to blackbox tests
e14571f fix issue #78: little fixes for stdout
ddd40aa fix issue #93: integrate spinner
354fe47 Merge branch 'dev'
2cde98d fix issue #62 and #63: add --debug flag, integrate github.com/fatih/color, add possibility to test main function
c0ead97 add possibility to test main function
dd5157e fix license link
6a51f5b Merge branch 'dev'
63326bc add analytics to cmd/readme
ec7633b update #95: change tracker link in master branch
647bd87 fix issue #95: update twitter badges, remove unnecessary readme files
0b5193e issue #94: update tracker location
724f4ed fix issue #94: add google analytics
d8d4f88 remove examples dir
086632c issue #78: remove logger
cdf856f fix issue #85: replace separator by colon
9aa9456 fix issue #60: add notification flag, first iteration refactoring
863ab90 fix issue #59: extend help message
6176900 update goreleaser file
1227809 sync with kamilsk/semaphore
cb35cb1 change schema of OctoLab site
6f7adc2 fix issue #90 and #92: add new method IsTimeout, complete remove context
e761261 fix issue #82: remove package context
3637895 fix travis build
b9b0383 remove research.yml
4100c1a fix issue #89: add patreon link
2772a63 fix issue #87: update make files
038fd57 fix issue #86: update github-tpl
08736cd fix issue #81: update travis, sync dotfiles with semaphore project
dbed453 issue #72: remove doc.go files, review makefile, update readme, move some examples to separate dir
e327a24 github shows invalid README
3bbf35f fix issue #58: update deps instead, update make files

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