@kamilsk kamilsk released this Sep 1, 2017 · 84 commits to master since this release


b050ce0 fix issue #98: add asciinema example
75e16a3 fix issue #67 and #94: complete mvp, commands consistency is important
f331163 improve help command handling, improve output
5c82a8b remove unnecessary return statement
dd2af24 fix issue #88: complete worker pool example
08c7aa5 issue #88: prepare example about pool of workers
f145e5e fix misprints
54714de fix issue #87: add interrupt example
43088bc fix issue #80: review examples in readme
ff9fafc fix issue #72: add github.com/fatih/color to deps
91ac3a2 fix issue #99: rename goreleaser.yml
b51a467 add 1.9.x to test
a77d08d fix issue #86: add edit mode into todo list
fda027c fix issue #68: add plan to implement notification
fbc42ce fix issue #92: add progress bar
7a425d4 issue #67: complete all commands
3a6a882 fix issue #91: complete HelpCommand
afeeef8 grammar fixes
16bb560 add context support, reduce test timeout, add channel with deadline
f4a8504 complete task.go from cmd/semaphore
8d13dbf issue #91: prepare HelpCommand
6aee064 review BaseCommand
1b03cca move glide.yaml to cmd/semaphore
a7a7ef3 fix issue #96: update .travis.yml
c8891a6 try to fix travis build
38646d4 fix issue #95: separate research, add glide.yaml to resolve deps for cmd/semaphore
3797cc7 move research.yml to separate dir, prepare deps for cmd/semaphore
3681636 fix issue #90: complete wait command
d6ba30a issue #90: complete AddCommand
e0e244e issue #90: complete CreateCommand
63c5a2c add WithSignal and Multiplex, define required commands
8e00c48 fix builds
550d755 prevent errors on go1.5 and go1.6
38452ae backbone for task runner
b44e2ca fix issue #85: prepare to handle SIGTERM
f083c10 fix issue #77: update rule for check-code-quality
82d0ce3 fix issue #82: add link to Go Code Review Comments page
eb928e2 fix issue #76: add code of conduct
fb0e47d fix issue #73: add package level interface implementation
c162798 fix issue #69: complete goreleaser.yml
846564f update issue #81: channel_test transformed to blackbox test
dc10660 fix issue #81: convert semaphore_test to blackbox test
efb9e5b fix issue #83: freeze glide.lock
1852784 fix issue #84: remove classic and simple subpackages
e468a57 fix issues #74, #89: remove context as required package, restore support go1.5 and go1.6
0253322 github shows invalid README
635d097 issue #67: add concept, update deps, update make files
67aee3c update gitignore
620c126 reduce test timeout
44819c0 remove todo
103811b fix example test naming

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