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mysql:bind '^U' vi-kill-line-prev
mysql:bind '^W' ed-delete-prev-word
mysql:bind '^R' em-inc-search-prev
mysql:bind -s "^xd" "show databases;"
mysql:bind -s "^xt" "show tables;"
mysql:bind -s "^xu" "select user,host,password from mysql.user order by user,host;"
mysql:bind -s "^xb" "select user,host,db from mysql.db order by user,host;"
mysql:bind -s "^xc" "show create table TN\\\\G"
mysql:bind -s "^xn" "select count(*) from ;"
mysql:bind -s "^xv" "show variables like '%%';"
mysql:bind -s "^xs" "show slave status\\\\G"
mysql:bind -s "^xm" "show master status\\\\G"
mysql:bind -s "^xp" "show full processlist;"
mysql:bind -s "^xa" "show table status like 'TN'\\\\G"
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