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A low-lever interface to interact with nosql datasource for CakePHP
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NoSql Datasource for CakePHP

This class provides an abstraction layer for your nosql datasources.

What it is not

  • This is not a full featured CakePHP abstraction layer, as you can't call $model->save() nor $model->find().
    Reason is that some nosql database, such as Redis, don't provide a single structure for saving datas (redis can save in a list, a hashset, a set), unlike sql database (tables with columns).
    Benefits: More control on how to save the datas, thus more performance
  • This datasource is not linked to a model. You don't access it via $model->whaterverCommand().
    Reason is that this datasource doesn't behave like the DboDatasource, but more like the Cache.
    Benefits: You can search the database from your views (woah! It's not mvc …).

Available noSql Datasource

For now, only Redis is available.

How to Use

Database call is static, and behave like the Cache. Each command will depend on the available command for your specific nosql datasource. For Redis, available commands are NoSql::Redis()->xxx(), where xxx are all the generic command available for redis.

In fact, instead of doing that :

$Redis = new Redis()
$result = $Redis->hget('myFirstKey');

You do that :

$result = NoSql::Redis()->hget('myFirstKey');

And that command is available anywhere, even in the views. Channeling all commands through the NoSql class enables queries logging, that you can see in DebugKit.

Use case

Example will use Redis. Main selling points of redis are its speed (as fast as memcached), persistent datas (memcached datas are flushed after system reboot), and low-level datas structure (set, hashset, etc …).

It can be used like a persistent mvc datasource (attached to a model), or a simple cache.

Let's say we have a posts database, a comments database, an users database.
A Post has many Comment, and a Comment hasOne User.
You can get a post comments and its user by finding a post, and uses contain to fetch its comments and user.

$post = $this->Post->find('all', array(
    'conditions' => array('id' => 256), 
    'contain' => array('Comment' => array('User))

The MYSQL JOIN here are costly, it joins 3 tables. We can reduce that to 2 by not joining the User, since we already have the user_id in the Comment tables (because of the HasOne relations, each comment already has a user_id field). Joining the user will only retrieve the username.

Then, in the views, we just call NoSql::Redis()->get('User:' . $post['Comment][0]['user_id]) to retrieve the username of the user for the specified comment. Of course, you have to prepoluate the databases with the users' username first. And datas will persist, since it's not a cache, but a database.

This is just a very basic example, but you can store entire object in Redis (via hashset), without the serialize/unserialize overhead you encounter with memcached.


  • Download and drop the NoSql folder in your Vendor directory.
    Or you can clone it directly with

    git clone git:// yourapp/Vendor/NoSql
  • Import it in your application, by putting the following at the beginning of your AppModel.php :

    App::import('Vendor', 'NoSql/NoSql');
  • Start using by calling NoSql::DATASOURCE()->COMMAND(). DATASOURCE is the name of the NoSql datasource you want to use, and COMMAND is the datasource own command. Only datasource available now is Redis.

View queries in DebugKit

Main reason I write this layer, instead of using the Redis class direcly, is logging. I wanted to log all nosql queries, and calling :

$Redis = new Redis()
$result = $Redis->hget('myFirstKey');

doesn't let me do that. I you want to view all your nosql queries, see my other plugin, DebugKitEx, and extension to the original debugkit plugin, providing an additional panel for all the nosql queries.


v.0.5.1 [2012-10-01]

  • [fix] Fix getLogs() that was always returning null

v.0.5 [2012-10-01]

  • [new] Get logs from all datasources with Nosql::getLogs()

v.0.4.1 [2012-09-18]

  • [fix] Remove DataSourceNotFoundException class, already defined in Cake core

v.0.4 [2012-09-09]

  • [new] Add query time in logs
  • [fix] Restructure folder tree to facilitate git cloning

v.0.3 [2012-08-30]

  • [change] Code formatting

v.0.2 [2012-07-02]

  • [new] Fallback to Redisent when PHPRedis is not installed
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