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Contributing to Kamon

Thanks for your intention on collaborating to the Kamon Project! It doesn't matter if you want to provide a small change to our docs, are lost in configuration or want contribute a brand new feature, we value all of your contributions and the time you take to use our tool and prepare a contribution, we only ask you to follow this guidance depending on your situation:

If you are experiencing a bug

If you see weird exceptions in your log or something definitely is working improperly please open an issue and include the Kamon, Akka and Spray/Play! versions that you are using along with as many useful information you can find related to the issue. If you can provide a gist or a short way to reproduce the issue we will be more than happy!

If you don't know what is wrong

If you don't see any metrics at all or features are not working maybe you have a setup or configuration problem, to address this kind of problems please send us a emails to our mailing list and we will reply as soon as we can! Again, please include the relevant version and current setup information to speed up the process. If you are in doubt of whether you have a bug or a configuration problem, email us and we will take care of openning a issue if necessary.

If you want to make a code contribution to the project

Awesome! First, please note that we try to follow the commit message conventions used by the Spray guys and we need you to electronically fill our CLA before accepting your contribution. Also, if your PR contains various commits, please squash them into a single commit. Let the PR rain begin!